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Use in Literature QueuingInstead of crops and round wigs, which I expected to see in universal vogue, here were full as many powdered heads and long queues as before the revolution.ndash;Francis W. Blagdon in Paris As It Was and As It Is (A Sketch Of The French Capital, Illustrative of the Effects of the Revolution), vols 1,2.The hair of the men is worn in queues of otter skin, falling in front over the shoulders. A shirt of dressed skin covers the body to the knee, and over this is worn occasionally a robe.ndash;Noah Brooks in First Across the Continent.The universal custom of wearing wigs and queues was given up and men cut their own hair short and insisted that every free man should have the right to vote.ndash;Edward S. Ellis in Thomas Jefferson.He would have seen the streets filled with the chattering yellow populace, every queued head tilted back, every slant eye turned skyward.ndash;Jack London in The Strength of the Strong etc.Several instruments were provided, and every day, all day long, while the Exposition lasted, queues of eager visitors from every quarter of the globe were waiting to hear the little machine talk and sing and reproduce their own voices.ndash;Dyer and Martin in Edison, His Life and Inventions.In the eighteenth century, powdered wigs of extraordinary shape, hairbags and queues, frocks and frills, came into fashion for the men; powdered headdresses an ell in height, diminutive waists, and patches for the women.ndash;Wolfgang Menzel in Germany from the Earliest Period, vol 4 (tr Mrs George Horrocks).They presented all the characteristics of Chinamen and wore long black queues coiled thrice around their heads, as shown by the accompanying illustration.ndash;Gould and Pyle in Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine.There were queues outside all the doors.ndash;Arthur Ransome in Russia in 1919.He carried a long bright spear, wore a short sword thrust through a girdle, had his hair done in three wrapped queues, one over each temple and one behind, and was generally brought to a high state of polish by means of red earth and oil.ndash;Stewart Edward White in The Land of Footprints.Cependant, il poussait dans Cadine des reveries inquietes, lorsqu'elle marchait sur les trottoirs, tournant les queues des violettes comme des fuseaux.ndash;Emile Zola in Le Ventre de Paris.

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