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27 페이지 - United States and Mexican Boundary Survey, under the Order of Lieut. Col. WH Emory, Major First Cavalry, and United States Commissioner.
21 페이지 - there are two varieties which are only distinguishable by the fruit, which, in one, has a large and prominent gland, while in the other the gland is almost concealed by the cup, characters which seem to be constant in the same individuals." To dwell upon the beautiful and varied surroundings of any one of the trees, would lure us too far away from the present purpose in writing. A word or so of allusion to the ordinary and most common associations must suffice, for examples are multiform. " The character...
148 페이지 - has a strong terebenthine taste, and abounds in a resinous matter which sometimes exudes so copiously that, in drying, the specimens stick firmly together and to the paper.
120 페이지 - Prairies, from 6 to 30 miles east of El Paso, Western Texas.
22 페이지 - It grows in clumps consisting of from twelve to twenty long wand-like branches, which spring from the main stem close to the ground, and rise to a height of from 10 to 15 feet. The stems are beset with rows of spines from the axils of which grow small fascicles of leaves. The whole stem is finally covered with bright green, and beneath this vivid cover are hid piercing thorns. The flower...
121 페이지 - ... sub-strata of the rock ; but these are more rare, and seldom perfect. Besides these, jet and pieces of petrified wood, are sometimes discovered ; and also trochitae, or thunder-bolts, as they are vulgarly called, in great numbers ; which are conical stones of various sizes, from two to five or six inches long, and from half an inch to an inch and a half in diameter, at the base; and are found sticking in pieces of the rock, in a confused manner, and in different directions.* The production of...
59 페이지 - Indies genet epinevx, though originally a native of some part of the American continent, is now found in nearly all tropical countries, where, from its spiny nature, it is used for making hedges, while in Mexico the Indians employ it as a febrifuge and sudorific, and also as a remedy in epilepsy.
153 페이지 - L c., p. 305. Witchita Mountains and upper tributaries of the Red River ; May-June. PHYSALIS PUMILA, Nutt., in Trans. Amer. Phil. Soc., (n. ser.,) 5, p. 193. With the preceding ; May-June. This species has been overlooked by Dunal in DC. Prodr. SCROPHULARIACE^E. CASTILLEJA PURPUREA, G. Don.; Benth., in DC. Prodr. 10, p. 531. Euchroma purpurea, Null..
196 페이지 - JSngelmannia Nuttalliana, Klotsch, 1. c. Croton monanthogynum, Michx. Fl. 2, p. 215. C. ellipticum, Nutt. Gen. 2, p. 235, (excl. syn.;) Torr. in Ann. Lye. N. York, 2, p. 245. Main Fork of Red River; June 24. The Engelmannia of Klotsch, which is based on Croton ellipticum of Nuttall, must give place to the earlier genus of the same name of Torr. and Gray. I propose for it a manuscript name given to the plant many...
111 페이지 - At the base of a rocky ledge near the summit of a mountain, Santa Rita del Cobre,

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