Race to the Bottom

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AuthorHouse, Jul 1, 2004 - Fiction - 360 pages
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On the page prior the beginning of Vandermeer's Curse there's a quote that I used as the main premise or thrust of this particular tale. It is the notion that a person's stature in life should never let them forgo what should be truly a part of the interior of their heart, compassion. As we steadily travel down the avenue of this one and only life that we all have been granted with. One must have a sense of balance and empathy for all others for whom we come in contact with. Although academics can help us obtain great riches, without a soft spot in the heart for all living things, a person will surely be at an emotional deficit. In the beginning of Vandermeer's Curse, our main character, Stanley Orion is lacking severally in this area. In his world, his life, it's about complete control over everyone from his trusted manservant, Winston Beasley, to the numerous individuals employed at the profitable company left him by his late father, Mitchell. No one is spared the sadistic wrath of Orion's detain for his fellow human beings. Even the first encounter with the young woman behind the counter at the pastry shop where he obtains his one supposed pleasure, strawberry sugar delight, is treated with utmost contempt by him. So embittered is the hardened heart of his that when it meets its match, in the form of the mysterious and vengeful Delphina Vandermeer, an individual with her own internal struggle with rage. His mortal soul is thrown for a jolt that in the end will expose it to a past family history full of baseless hatred and savage murder.

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