Rachel and Maurice and Other Tales

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Chapman and Hall, 1892 - 244 pages

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Page 15 - INDUSTRIAL ARTS OF DENMARK. From the Earliest Times to the Danish Conquest of England.
Page 13 - THE MYTHOLOGY OF GREECE AND ROME, with Special Reference to its Use in Art. From the German. Edited by GH BIANCHI. 64 Illustrations. New Edition. Crown 8vo, 5s. SETON-KARR (HW), FRGS, etc.— BEAR HUNTING IN THE WHITE MOUNTAINS; or, Alaska and British Columbia Revisited. Illustrated. Large Crown, 4s. 6d. TEN YEARS' TRAVEL AND SPORT IN FOREIGN Lands ; or, Travels in the Eighties.
Page 6 - RUSSIAN ART AND ART OBJECTS IN RUSSIA: A Handbook to the reproduction of Goldsmiths' work and other Art Treasures from that country in the South Kensington Museum. By...
Page 14 - TOPINARD (DR. PAUL)— ANTHROPOLOGY. With a Preface by Professor PAUL BROCA. With 49 Illustrations. Demy 8vo, 3s.
Page 11 - A HISTORY OF ANCIENT ART IN PERSIA. With 254 Illustrations and 12 Steel and Coloured Plates. Imperial 8vo, 21s.
Page 11 - SILVER SMITH'S WORK. With numerous Woodcuts. Large crown 8vo, cloth, as. 6d. " ANCIENT AND MODERN FURNITURE AND WOODWORK. With numerous Woodcuts. Larg« crown 8vo, cloth, as. 6d. POOLS (STANLEY LANE), BA, MRAS— THE ART OF THE SARACENS IN EGYPT.
Page 14 - THE CHRONICLES OF BARSETSHIRE. A Uniform Edition, in 8 vols., large crown 8vo, handsomely printed, each vol. containing Frontispiece. 6s. each. THE WARDEN and BARCHESTER TOWERS. 2 vols. DR. THORNE. FRAMLEY PARSONAGE. THE SMALL HOUSE AT ALLINGTON. 2 vols. LAST CHRONICLE OF BARSET. 2 vols.
Page 10 - MARCEAU (SERGENT)— REMINISCENCES OF A REGICIDE. Edited from the Original MSS. of SERGENT MARCEAU, Member of the Convention, and Administrator of Police in the French Revolution of 1789. By MCM SIMP8ON, Author of the " Letters and Recollections of Julius and Mary Mohl.
Page 10 - ADVANCED PHYSIOGRAPHY (PHYSIOGRAPHIC ASTRONOMY). Designed to meet the Requirements of Students preparing for the Elementary and Advanced Stages of Physiography in the Science and Art Department Examinations, and as an Introduction to Physical Astronomy. Crown 8vo, 4s.

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