Radium and Other Radio-active Elements

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P. Marshall & Company, 1904 - Radioactivity - 105 pages
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Page 42 - ... 1. Permanent-magnet type can be used for DC only. 2. Dynamometer type can be used both for AC and DC 5.1. Permanent-magnet Moving-Coil Type (PMMC) Instruments A permanent-magnet moving coil-type instrument works on the principle that "when a current-carrying conductor is placed in a magnetic field, it is acted upon by a force which tends to move it to one side and out of the field".
Page 68 - The characteristic property of excited radio-activity is that it can be confined to the kathode in a strong electric field. It is probable, therefore, that the radio-activity is due to the transport, in the electric field, of positively charged carriers of some kind. The experiments...
Page 102 - Simple Experiments in Static Electricity A Series of Instructive and Entertaining Electrical Experiments for Students and Amateurs BY PERCIVAL G. BULL, MA Oxon. FULL Y ILL USTRA TED Price, 25 cts.
Page 26 - NYVanNosWe have endeavored to treat the subject in an experimental and practical way, but have not attempted to relate or explain the various theories of the radiations. (Introd.) 530 Radium || Radioactivity Lodge, Richard Walley, 1857- Notes on assaying metallurgical laboratory experiments.
Page 105 - ... selection and uses of soft and Colonial woods, with the notes on the growth, structure, and defects of trees ; on the cutting, seasoning, and commercial sizes of timber. Price 6d. net. Post free, 7d. No. 5. Hard Woods : English and Foreign. A com panion handbook to No.
Page 56 - One of the most interesting of the luminous effects is that produced in diamonds. It affords a ready method of distinguishing real from artificial stones. The former...
Page 56 - All diamonds of equal size and value do not glow with equal intensity, some appearing much more luminous than others. This may be due to slight difference in their composition or in the cutting.
Page 105 - EG .; (3) of Useful Handbooks. NO. 1. Woodwork Joints: How to Make and Where to Use Them. Fully Illustrated. Price 6d. Post free, 7d. No. 2. The Beginner's Guide to Fretwork. A practical instruction book on Fret-cutting, with six full size original designs suitable for beginners, and numerous illustrations. Price 6d. Post free, 7Jd. No. 3. Veneering, Marquetry, and Inlay. A practical guide to these interesting methods of decorating woodwork. Fully illustrated. Price 6d.
Page 105 - No. 3.— Veneering, Marquetry, and Inlay. A practical guide to these interesting methods of decorating woodwork. Fully illustrated. Price 6d. Post free, 7Jd.
Page 105 - PERCIVAL MARSHALL & Co., 26-29, Poppin's Court, Fleet Street, London, BC "THE WOODWORKER

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