Raid On Innocence

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Xlibris Corporation, Oct 7, 2011 - Fiction - 262 pages
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Raid on Innocence In the years before the Civil War began, the small town of Salinas, Indiana was starting a period of growth that could turn this farming community into a small city. The driving force behind the growth was the combined effort of two hard-working farmers with a vision to make Salinas one of the major cities in southern Indiana. William Consley raised and trained quality saddle, team, and workhorses for most of the farmers and businessmen in the northern half of the county. He always had 30 to 40 horses on his 300-acre farm but could sometimes have as many as 10 additional that were being trained. Andrew Davis had an expanding cattle business that reached out to support other businesses in the community. His 1000 acres could support over 500 head of cattle that he sent to the slaughterhouse in town, and then sent the hides to the tan yard to be made into leather. The ice harvesting he did in the winter allowed his beef to be shipped back east to market. All of his businesses provided employment for a large portion of the citizens of the community and encouraged an influx of more settlers to the town. There weren't any citizens who had a stake in the slavery issue even though most of them still had strong ties to relatives in the south. When war does break out, only a few young men volunteer to go in the Army, either North or South. The community makes every attempt to avoid the war until the war came to them. What happens that day will surprise and shock you and will explain what becomes of the town afterwards.

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