Railway Mail Service: A Comparative Study of Railway Rates and Service

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Lakeside Press, 1901 - Railroads - 214 pages
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Page 29 - ... like and contemporaneous service in the transportation of a like kind of traffic under substantially similar circumstances and conditions, euch common carrier shall be deemed guilty of unjust discrimination, which is hereby prohibited and declared to be unlawful.
Page 128 - Act, shall be decided by arbitration, in manner provided by the Act of the session of the first and second years of the reign of Her present Majesty, chapter ninety-eight, or, at the option of such railway company, by the Commissioners.
Page 157 - Friday 7. Saturday 8. Sunday 9. Monday 10. Tuesday 11. Wednesday 12. Thursday 13. Friday 14. Saturday 15. Sunday 16. Monday 17. Tuesday 18. Wednesday 19. Thursday 20. Friday 21. Saturday 22. Sunday 23. Monday 24. Tuesday 25. Wednesday 26. Thursday 27. Friday 28.
Page 128 - Postmaster-General to such company of proprietors for any services performed or to be performed by them as hereinbefore mentioned, the same shall be referred to the award of two persons, one to be named by the Postmaster-General, and the other by such company; and if such two persons cannot agree on the amount of such remuneration or compensation, then to the umpirage of some third person, to be appointed by such two first-named persons previously to their entering upon the inquiry; and the said...
Page 180 - The whole business of public transportation should be pooled under the control of the Post-office, and the rate charged for the shortest distance for any particular service (the cost of service rate) should be adopted as the uniform standard rate for that class of service for all distances, within the limits of the Postal system.
Page 136 - ... that the gross revenue of railways should be adequate to cover operating expenses, fixed charges, and a fair return to stockholders; but this sum having been guaranteed, the manner in which this gross amount is collected from the shippers is a matter of public policy and not of private interest. * * * The application of the principle of public utility classifies mail transportation with freight; it classifies it among the fundamental or social services of railways...
Page 141 - I -would like to raise the question as to whether or not in fact the opposite is true.
Page 17 - That additional pay may be allowed for every line comprising a daily trip each way of railway post oflice cars, at a rate not exceeding twenty-five dollars per mile per annum for cars forty feet In length; and thirty dollars per mile per annum for forty-five...
Page 39 - The railroad company will also be required to take the mails from and deliver them into all intermediate post offices and postal stations located not more than eighty rods from the nearest railroad station at which the company has an agent or other representative employed.

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