Raindrops Upon the Parched Fields of My Heart: Soul Wisdom for the Awakening Heart

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Nearly Homeless punk-rocker Mohawk Mike is at the end of his rope. He lives a weekly ritual of plasma donation and illegal substance abuse. His life is a far cry from the one he imagined he would live. Brittany is the love of his life and one of the many people that Mike has hurt badly in his slide to nothingness. A chance find of a large sum of money launches Mike on a quest to reclaim his former glory. With money, the truth, and God on his side, perhaps Mike can find what is really important in life Perhaps he can discover himself.

In "The Liars' Guide to Escaping Reality" Mike battles through a history of addictions, abuse, lies, and poverty to find something truly positive. In his sometimes humorous and sometimes deadly quest, he discovers basic truths that can serve as an inspiration for anyone who has fought, or needs to fight, the same issues.

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