Raising Standards for American Education

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DIANE Publishing, 1992 - 144 pages
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Discusses whether national standards and a system of assessment are desirable for American education, whether it is feasible to develop them, and how they are to be developed and implemented.

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Page A-20 - By the year 2000, US students will be first in the world in science and mathematics achievement; 5 By the year 2000, every adult American will be literate and will possess the knowledge and skills necessary to compete in a global economy and exercise the rights and responsibilities of citizenship...
Page A-20 - By the year 2000, the high school graduation rate will increase to at least 90 percent; 3. By the year 2000, American students will leave grades four, eight, and twelve having demonstrated competency in challenging subject matter, including English, mathematics, science, history, and geography; and every school in America will ensure that all students learn to use their minds well, so they may be prepared for responsible citizenship, further learning, and productive employment in our modern economy;...
Page A-20 - The gap in high school graduation rates between American students from minority backgrounds and their non-minority counterparts will be eliminated.
Page A-21 - American business will be involved in strengthening the connection between education and work; (ii) all workers will have the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills, from basic to highly technical, needed to adapt to emerging new technologies, work methods, and markets through public and private educational, vocational, technical, workplace, or other programs...
Page A-20 - The academic performance of all students at the elementary and secondary level will increase significantly in every quartile, and the distribution of minority students in each quartile will more closely reflect the student population as a whole.
Page A-21 - Every school in America will be free of drugs and violence and will offer a disciplined environment conducive to learning.
Page A-19 - ... and the number of low-birthweight babies will be significantly reduced through enhanced prenatal health systems.
Page A-21 - Every local educational agency will develop and implement a policy to ensure that all schools are free of violence and the unauthorized presence of weapons.
Page A-19 - Every parent in America will be a child's first teacher and devote time each day helping his or her preschool child learn; parents will have access to the training and support they need.
Page A-20 - All students will have access to physical education and health education to ensure they are healthy and fit. • The percentage of all students who are competent in more than one language will substantially increase. • All students will be knowledgeable about the diverse cultural heritage of this Nation and about the world community.

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