Raising Kids God's Way: A Biblical Guide for Christian Parents

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Crossway Books, 1995 - Religion - 252 pages
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When one of his friends pressures your son to stay out after curfew, how will he respond? When a classmate tries to convince your daughter to cheat on a test, what will she say? If your fourth-grader finds a ten-dollar bill on the playground, what will he do with it?

As Christian parents we would like to be sure of our children's responses when we're not around. We'd love to be confident they will make godly choices in any situation--now and in the future. But is that too much to hope for?

The truth is, if you follow God's plan for parenting--laid out in the Bible's commandments, parables, examples, and teachings about raising children--it's not unrealistic at all. In fact, His design is the only approach Christian parents need, as this book clearly shows.

Training your kids according to God's plan won't protect them from ever making a poor choice or committing sin, but you can be confident that their youthful stumbles and mistakes won't get the best of them. And as they grow into adulthood and become parents themselves, your children will realize the importance of their faith.

"Raising Kids God's Way pinpoints the difference between teaching and training, offers an array of biblical methods of parenting, and shows how you can use all of life as a classroom. Practical, biblical discussion on such topics as decision-making, determining God's will, and reading and study skills will help you bring up your children so they will walk with God for a lifetime. Can any accomplishment compare with that?

"" How can parents be assured that our children will be protected from the social and moral problems running rampant in our society? Raising Kids God's Way" answers thatquestion from a proven source--the Bible. Applying biblical principles, parents can guide their children into becoming citizens of great character." --Dan Quayle, former Vice President of the United States and leading family advocate

"" A more-than-welcome addition to the plethora of books on the subject of child-rearing n the 1990s. Young parents who follow this excellent guidebook will be guaranteeing a blessed future for America's children." --Dr. D. James Kennedy, senior minister of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church and president of Coral Ridge Ministries

" Raising Kids God's Way "will change lives now and for years to come. It gives parents the clear principles and practical tips they need, rooted in the purity of God's Word." --Marlin Maddoux, author and host of radio's " Point of View" show

"" Filled with practical suggestions for raising a Christian family. This book's most valuable contribution, however, is putting it all in a solid biblical context rather than simply superimposing a religious veneer over standard secular family techniques. I am confident Hudson's book will help many Christian families in these critical days." --Dr. Henry Morris, founder and president of the Institute for Creation Research

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