Rambles of an Archaeologist Among Old Books and in Old Places: Being Papers on Art, in Relation to Archaeology, Painting, Art-decoration, and Art-manufacture

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Virtue, 1871 - Art - 259 pages

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Page 192 - Rise the blue Franconian mountains, Nuremberg, the ancient, stands Quaint old town of toil and traffic, quaint old town of art and song, Memories haunt thy pointed gables, like the rooks that round them throng : Memories of the Middle Ages, when the emperors, rough and bold, Had their dwelling in thy castle, time-defying, centuries old ; And thy brave and thrifty burghers boasted, in their uncouth rhyme, That their great imperial city stretched its hand through every clime.
Page 139 - Zayda, (You know those names are theirs), and in the midst A heart divided in two halves was placed. Now, if the rivets of those rings enclosed Fit not each other, I have forged this lie ; But, if they join, you must for ever part...
Page 142 - Second, 1597, hopes that the ladies will be favourable to his work, " writing your judgments as you do the Posies in your rings, which are always next to the finger, not to be seene of him that holdeth you by the hand, and yet knowne by you that weare them on your hands.
Page 163 - O'er all his frame : illustrious on his breast, The double-clasping gold the king confest. In the rich woof a hound, mosaic drawn, Bore on full stretch, and seiz'da dappled fawn : Deep in the neck his fangs indent their hold ; They pant and struggle in the moving gold.
Page 259 - Emigravit is the inscription on the tombstone where he lies; Dead he is not, but departed,— for the artist never dies. Fairer seems the ancient city, and the sunshine seems more fair, That he once has trod its pavement, that he once has breathed its air!
Page 134 - God and forgivenesse from her earthly Soveraigne: who did not only refuse to give it, but having shook her as she lay in her bed, sent her accompanied with most fearfull curses to a higher Tribunall.
Page 76 - As I live, saith the Lord, though Coniah the son of Jehoiakim king of Judah were the signet upon my right hand, yet would I pluck thee thence...
Page 235 - According to tradition, Vischer was miserably paid for this great work of labour and art; and he has himself recorded in an inscription upon the monument, that " he completed it for the praise of God Almighty alone, and the honour of St. Sebald, Prince of Heaven, by the aid of pious persons, paid by their voluntary contributions.
Page 76 - This remarkable piece of antiquity is in the highest state of preservation, and was found at Ghizeh, in a tomb near that excavation of Colonel Vyse called Campbell's tomb. It is of fine gold and weighs nearly three sovereigns. The style of the hieroglyphics is in perfect accordance with those in the tombs about the Great Pyramid, and the hieroglyphics within the oval is the name of that Pharaoh of whom the pyramid was the tomb.
Page 79 - Chinese dragons. finger ; the left was considered the hand peculiarly privileged to bear those ornaments, and it is remarkable that its third finger was decorated with a greater number than any other, and was considered by them, as by us, par excellence the ring finger, though there is no evidence of its having been so honoured at the marriage ceremony.

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