Ramona: A Story

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Little, Brown,, 1903 - Indians of North America - 497 pages
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The white author was trying to do for the American Indian what Uncle Tom did for Black folk in the South. The story is an important read that the effort fell short of the Uncle Tom success. Read full review

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User Review  - TheLostEntwife - LibraryThing

Sometimes I wonder if there's a point to reviewing older novels. I mean - there's obviously a point to reading them, and Ramona presents a good case for that. But after reading a book like this it's ... Read full review

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Page 463 - They were stoned, they were sawn asunder, were tempted, were slain with the sword. They wandered about in sheepskins and goatskins; being destitute, afflicted, tormented; of whom the world was not worthy. They wandered in deserts, and in mountains, and in dens and caves of the earth.
Page 492 - All the kitchen work, except the actual cooking, was done here, in front of the kitchen doors and windows. Babies slept, were washed, sat in the dirt, and played, on the veranda. The women said their prayers, took their naps, and wove their lace there.
Page 502 - IN MODERN FICTION TRUTH DEXTER By SIDNEY McCALL I2mo. Decorated cloth. $1.50. A. novel of united North and South of rare power and absorbing interest. It is but fair to say that not one of the novels which appeared last year on either side of the Atlantic (including those from the pens of the most gifted writers) was superior to this in artistic quality, dramatic power, and human interest combined. We do not hope to see it surpassed, even if equalled, in 1901. — Philadelphia Telegraph. In seriousness...
Page 50 - The stems are so infinitesimally small and of so dark a green, that at a short distance they do not show, and the cloud of blossom seems floating in the air; at times it looks like golden dust. With a clear blue sky behind it, as it is often seen, it looks like a golden snow-storm. The plant is a tyrant and a nuisance — the terror of the farmer; it takes riotous possession of a whole field in a season; once in, never out ; for one plant this year, a million the next ; but it is impossible to wish...
Page 492 - The house was of adobe, low, with a wide veranda on the three sides of the inner court, and a still broader one across the entire front, which looked to the south. These verandas, especially those on the inner court, were supplementary rooms to the house. The greater part of the family life went on in them. Nobody stayed inside the walls, except when it was necessary. All the kitchen work, except the actual cooking, was done here, in front of the kitchen doors and windows. Babies slept, were washed,...
Page 277 - ... seen, and had the good fortune to win a literal translation of part of it, in the soft, Spanish-voiced, broken English, so pleasant to hear. The first stanza is the chorus, and was repeated after each of the others : CHORUS.—" Come, O sinners, Come, and we will sing Tender hymns To our refuge. " Singers at dawn, From the heavens above, People all regions, Gladly we too sing.
Page 19 - That the heretics may know, when they go by, that they are on the estate of a good Catholic," she said, " and that the faithful may be reminded to pray. There have been miracles of conversion wrought on the most hardened by a sudden sight of the Blessed Cross." There they stood, summer and winter, rain and shine, the silent, solemn, outstretched arms, and became landmarks to many a guideless traveller who had been told that his way would be by the first turn to the left or the right, after passing...
Page 76 - Moreno's sheep were shorn. It was a dramatic spectacle. As soon as a sheep was shorn, the shearer ran with the fleece in his hand to Luigo, threw it down on a table, received his five-cent piece, dropped it in his pocket, ran to the pen, dragged out another sheep, and in less than five minutes was back again with a second fleece. The shorn sheep, released, bounded off into...
Page 75 - If a year's crop were good, Juan's happiness was assured for the next six months. If it proved poor, he turned devout immediately, and spent the next six months calling on the saints for better luck, and redoubling his exertions with the sheep. On one of the posts of the shed short projecting slats were nailed, like half-rounds of a ladder. Lightly as a rope-walker Felipe ran up these, to the roof, and took his stand there, ready to take the fleeces and pack them in the bag as fast as they should...
Page 506 - A Romance of a Maryland Manor in 1644 By MAUD WILDER GOODWIN, author of "White Aprons," etc. Illustrated by HOWARD PYLE and other artists. izmo. Decorated cloth. Price, $1.50. The author of that capital book, "The Head of a Hundred," hai written in " Sir Christopher" a romance, on the whole, about as charming.

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