Random Act of Blindness: An Erotic Novel

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Kelli Jae Baeli, Feb 15, 2009 - Fiction - 216 pages
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In this erotic novella, Rachel Leeds is a repressed literature professor who struggles with taboo fantasies that invade her sexual identity with razor-sharp intensity. Just as Rachel's answers begin to overpower her questions, she crosses paths with a clever young lesbian who isn't who she appears to be, and manages to turn her staid academia into a firestorm of desire, pulling at the threads of Rachel's carefully controlled existence. Random Act of Blindness is a steamy lesbian tale that takes an often superficial genre, and imbues it with eloquence, and multi-dimensional facets; Baeli has created characters a reader can truly invest in and care about. LightSwitcher Books == Never, in all her days, had she imagined herself in a position like this. Vivid fantasies aside, Rachel had never considered acting on the impulses that invaded her thoughts throughout the day. They were private affairs stored only in some scurrilous recess of her mind. Yet her mind interacted with other minds, and often, there were fragments of information to be had in often ironic ways. Doctor Bass, for instance, listened to her confession of the scandalous gearshift penetration mirage, and fantasy bondage scenarios and produced a copy of the bondage magazine. While not something Professor Rachel Leeds believed would qualify as a "literary device," it was nonetheless pivotal in the events in which she was now participating. Namely, being on her way to a hardware store to find something to use as a whip on the girl who lay naked and bound in hotel room number 66, the Mark-of-the-Almost-Beast.

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