Random Rogues and Ratbag Tales

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Createspace, Sep 18, 2012 - Fiction - 156 pages
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Like a catastrophic surfing collision between Keroac and Kesey. Or Hunter S. Thompson wrestling Ernest Hemingway. Toe-curling characters from the crazy world of modern surfing, by mad Monty Webber.

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This so called Monty Webber wasn't even a BONDI local he and his brother's all came to Bondi later in life compared to the real locals. So how in the F _ _ k can you ( WEBBER ) call yourself a Bondi local. Because your not a Bondi local and as for your bull-shit stories about your trips to Bali with The Don. The Don wouldn't now or then be seen in your company Monty Webber & you know that. I have the Don sitting beside me right now as we write this & your stories are all lie's and nothing else but that. And not just your Bali stories but all your fantasy stories about the Don are all lie's and crap,& bull-shit. Why would you make such stories up. Then again I knew you Monty when you were teenager and you then also told bull-shit stories and looks like the saying about a leopard never changing its spots is true because you are still and always have spoken bull-shit and always will. Wake up to yourself Monty Webber and get your hand of your dick.
And thank God that there's someone else that's written a review / response above. Which also proves that all of Webber's stories are all rubbish & lie's....

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to monty RE:your book and so called discription of the short story, THE DON.
I know for a fact that you would not dare talk to the DON as discribed in your short story. Apart from your fantasy Bali
flight with the Don which only happened in you literary licence head, get it. a sleazy 2nd hand car salesmen, i think not. from my memories of your scotts and cranbrook buddies on the wall down from the bush hill were of sniffling upperclass dickheads that were to good for the real bondi locals. however when in shit at the beach, parties or hotels and clubs, i never saw " MAD MONTY WEBBER " or other soft cocks AKA david gyngell, matt elks, and the like stand up for themselves, their women or Bondi when we were all going through our trip from adolesence to young adults. however i do remember " THE DON " as you named him, taking care of buisness against outside threats and other beach crews like " THE MRA " = Marourbra Republican Army, now evolved to become " THE BRA BOYS " while you and your snotty nosed upperclass buddies were the ones hiding, crying, shitting and pissing themselves." SO MAD MONTY " after critiquing randomly the one short story of " THE DON " I for one will not be buying your fictional bullshit when you clearly make that one short story a cowardly diatribe of a real person that was one of the real Bondi locals and real character. How easily truth is meld with fiction to create a money spinner for
" MAD MONTY " " THE ARTIST'E " now writer. Maybe he should try writing a non fiction vbiography of " THE DON " you might then have a bestseller and earn some literary credibility.


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