Random Reflections of a Grandmother

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Page 38 - Measure thy life by loss instead of gain ; Not by the wine drunk, but by the wine poured forth, For love's strength standeth in love's sacrifice, And whoso suffers most hath most to give...
Page 115 - ... Anything in view there?" Instead of telling him that it was none of his business I said sullenly : "Nothing that I know of." I had indeed considered that rather blank side of the situation I had created for myself by leaving suddenly my very satisfactory employment. And I was not very pleased with it. I had it on the tip of my tongue to say that common sense had nothing to do with my action, and that therefore it didn't deserve the interest Captain Giles seemed to be taking in it.
Page 7 - ... that you are neither wanted nor expected ; and then receive a hurry call at the last minute to say that after all you had better come.
Page 94 - It is really the only place outside England in which any one of intelligence would be willing to live, and I am not unmindful of my privileges.
Page 46 - ... Board desired to make an exhibit at the St. Louis Universal Exposition in 1904, stating that at previous similar Expositions, the Connecticut Board of Health in common with the other State Boards had sent a series of our annual reports, and of other sanitary publications of the Board. On motion it was Voted, That the matter be left to the discretion of the Secretary.
Page 138 - Ogilvie's marriage seemed to her to have fixed her lot in life, and what was that lot ? Home and Cocksmoor had been her choice, and they were before her. Home ! but her eyes had been opened to see that earthly homes may not endure, nor fill the heart.
Page 10 - I anticipate with much pleasure sitting on a little pink cloud in the hereafter, and watching my granddaughter upsetting all her mother's most cherished convictions.
Page 13 - Bath, perhaps), and one is inclined to sit ostentatiously on a twig and preen one's feathers. It's funny — just plain funny — to see your own baby with a baby of her own.
Page 14 - ... keeps you so busy that you have no time to think of anything else.

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