Rattlin, the Reefer

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G. Routledge and Company, 1856 - English fiction - 407 pages
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Page 52 - ... hopelessness. All I can say to the sneerer is, I wish that at the next conclave of personages who may be assembled to discuss the destinies of nations, there may be as much of the milk of human kindness and right feelings among them as there was between me and the labouring sawyer Joe Brandon, the one being at the top and the other at the bottom of the wall.
Page 95 - The two losses together were not of very great moment; then we had another, and another, and another; and more characters were lost— till at last there did come a man, 'take him for all in all, I ne'er shall look upon his like again.
Page 107 - Frank had already begun his harvest of laurels in the navy under a distinguished officer. The younger sons, my juniors, were my schoolfellows. Master Frank was two or three years my senior, and before he went to sea, not going to the same school as myself, we got together only during the vacations; when, notwithstanding my prowess, he would fag me desperately at cricket, outswim me on the lake, and out-cap me at making Latin verses. However, I consoled myself by saying, "As I grow older all this...
Page 173 - Caesar and his fortunes, and our surgeon and his fat, deserves and shall have a more than passing notice. It was perhaps one of the smallest craft that ever braved the seas. Such a floating miniature you may have conceived Gulliver to be placed in, when he was sighed across the tub of water by his Brobdignag princess.
Page 221 - The captain's shot seldom misses. IT is always a greater proof of courage to stand fire coolly than to fire. Captain Reud, I must suppose, wished to try the degree of intrepidity of his officers, by permitting the chase to give us several weighty objections against any more advance of familiarity on our parts. A quarter of a century ago there...
Page 221 - A quarter of a century ago there were some very strange notions prevalent in the navy, among which none was more common than that the firing of the bow guns materially checked the speed of the vessel. The captain and the first lieutenant both held this opinion. Thus we continued to gain upon the corvette, and she, being emboldened by the impunity with which she cannonaded us, fired the more rapidly and with greater precision, as our rent sails and ravelled running rigging began to testify.
Page 45 - ... the hall, and a large cake in the box ; lend the playthings, and share the cake. Now, my dear boy, I must leave you. Do not think that I am your mother, but your very good friend. Now, may God bless you and watch over you. Keep up your spirits, and remember that you are cared for, and loved — O, how fondly loved...
Page 130 - The wielder of the ruler gave a tremendous wriggle with the whole body, which proved as ineffectual as it was violent. " But don't you think, Ralph," said his tormentor, " as the evening is drawing in, that something should be done for the poor gentleman ; he will most certainly take cold if he remain here all night; couldn't you and your schoolfellows contrive to build a sort of hut over him? I am sure I should be very happy to help to carry the boughs — if the man won't go to the house the house...
Page 267 - I would have had her taught to despise such superstitious nonsense as obeoism, mist spirits, and all the pernicious jargon of spells and fetishes. I would, my dear Manuel, have made her a fit companion for myself; for with such beauty and such a soul, I am convinced that she would realize female perfection as nearly as poor humanity is permitted to do.
Page 235 - JBut is it quite fair, my dear doctor, for you and me to converse in Latin ? We may be taking an undue advantage of the rest of the company." " Greek ! Greek ! " said the purser. "Ay, certainly— it was Greek to Mr. Smallcoates," muttered Thompson. " To be sure it was,

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