Ray Davison: An American Hero

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AuthorHouse, Mar 1, 2007 - Biography & Autobiography - 164 pages
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Presidential Material is actually four books in one. Weighing in at an incredible 600 pages, it's the best price, per pound, in the book world today. The first 378 pages, Messianic Memoirs of a Midlife Crisis, doles out the intimate, indefatigable memoirs of Kermit D. Vincent, an idealistic, wacky, and unconventional bag-a-bones, in an invariably invaluable, wet-your-pants witty, cool, confident, and continually candid manner. Kermit's reminiscences spew forth a narrative of no-holds-barred proportion; memories of growing up an only child in a paternally binge-drinking/maternally born-again small town U.S.A. household; remembrances of growing up further, post adolescence, when confronted with the magically delicious "devilish enticements" of the big city; confessions of run-ins with the law...and know it all too well commentary on the prevalent prejudices and pansy-ass practices of U.S. jurisprudence and correctional facilities; reflections on irrational, yet irresistible, interpersonal relationships, and fatally flawed fatherhood, through bittersweet revelations of unrequited love; contrite acknowledgments of a man stunned, now and again, by the error of his ways, at those times of cosmic comeuppance when he would be rendered speechless, disgusted with himself, beset by guilt, wracked with remorse, and absolutely heartbroken...and how he persevered; recollections of his decade-long 'round-the-world odyssey as a street-publicly supported modern-day wandering minstrel; offerings of hopes and dreams and far out there things he's seen; as well as explanations as to the motivations for his foray into presidential campaigning and his plans for the future. Kermit's soul-searching chronicle of his eclectic, comically cantankerous life journey thus far, wrought with vivid, and at times outlandish, images of his ubiquitous experiences, has coalesced a text alarmingly amusing, dyed-in-the-wool diverse, interculturally introspective, in the end encouraging, and altogether enlightening. If you only read one book this lifetime, make it this one. You won't be sorry. It's a wild ride! But wait! That's not all! As an added bonus there's 222 pages left to go, in the appendix, where you'll find: The Little Book-an 80 page, rhyming, realistic interpretation of the Bible and outline of the world...that should serve to put a whole lot of sacrosanct bullshit to bed once and for all. Operation Free as a Bird-50 pages of selected empowering and enlightening stories, poems and musings, which were Kermit's stock-in-trade, you might say, over the course of his activist life and which, with any luck, will serve to unite and motivate us, one and all, toward the tremendous task of transforming our lives toward the creation of some good and sane future...as opposed to remaining the cogs in the machine of a way of life which is about to blow up in our faces. The Dad You Never Had-92 pages more of selected stories, poems and musings with the same intent.

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