Re-framing the Conceptual Change Approach in Learning and Instruction

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Stella Vosniadou, Aristeidēs Baltas, Xenia Vamvakoussi
Elsevier, 2007 - Education - 339 pages
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Table of Contents
List of Figures xi
List of Tables xiii
Acknowledgements xv
Contributors xvii
Preface xxi
The Conceptual Change Approach and its Re-Framing Stella Vosniadou 1
Foundations of the Conceptual Change Approach: Kuhn’s Influence 17
The Philosophical Foundations of the Conceptual Change Approach: An Introduction Aristides Baltas 19
In the Wake of Thomas Kuhn’s Theory of Scientific Revolutions: The Perspective of an Historian of Science Lillian Hoddeson 25
Kuhn’s Philosophical Successes? Peter Machamer 35
Conceptual Change and Scientific Realism: Facing Kuhn’s Challenge Theodore Arabatzis 47
Background ‘Assumptions’ and the Grammar of Conceptual Change: Rescuing Kuhn by Means of Wittgenstein Aristides Baltas 63
Commentaries 81
Reflections on Conceptual Change Stathis Psillos 83
Conceptual Change as Structure Change: Comment on Kuhn’s Legacy Matti Sintonen 89
Personal Epistemology and Conceptual Change 97
Personal Epistemology and Conceptual Change: An Introduction Stella Vosniadou 99
Epistemological Threads inthe Fabric of Conceptual Change Research P. Karen Murphy Patricia A. Alexander Jeffrey A. Greene Maeghan N. Edwards 105
Conceptions of Learning and the Experience of Understanding: Thresholds, Contextual Influences, and Knowledge Objects Noel Entwistle 123
Conceptual Change in Physics and Physics-Related Epistemological Beliefs: A Relationship under Scrutiny Christina Stathopoulou Stella Vosniadou 145
Effects of Epistemological Beliefs and Learning Text Structure on Conceptual Change Lucia Mason Monica Gava 165
Conceptual Change Ideas: Teachers’ Views and their Instructional Practice Reinders Duit Ari Widodo Christoph T. Wodzinski 197
Commentary 219
First Steps: Scholars’ Promising Movements Into a Nascent Field of Inquiry Patricia A. Alexander Gale M. Sinatra 221
Extending the Conceptual Change Approach to Mathematics Learning 237
Extending the Conceptual Change Approach to Mathematics Learning: An Introduction Xenia Vamvakoussi 239
When We Clashed with the Real Numbers: Complexity of Conceptual Change in Number Concept Kaarina Merenluoto Tuire Palonen 247
How Many Numbers are there in a Rational Numbers Interval? Constraints, Synthetic Models and the Effect of the Number Line Xenia Vamvakoussi Stella Vosniadou 265
Students’ Interpretations of Literal Symbols in Algebra Konstantinos P. Christou Stella Vosniadou Xenia Vamvakoussi 283
Teaching for Conceptual Change: The Case of Infinite Sets Pessia Tsamir Dina Tirosh 299
Commentaries 317
Nurturing Conceptual Change in Mathematics Education Brian Greer Lieven Verschaffel 319
Reconceptualizing Conceptual Change Anna Sfard 329
Subject Index 335.

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