Reading Horizons, Volume 22

Psycho-Educational Clinic and the Western Michigan University Chapter of the International Reading Association, Kalamazoo, Mich., 1981
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Reading Horizons began in 1960 by Dorothy J. McGinnis as a local reading education newsletter and developed into an international journal serving reading educators and researchers. Major colleges, universities, and individuals subscribe to Reading Horizons across the United States, Canada and a host of other countries. Dedicated to adding to the growing body of knowledge in literacy, the quarterly journal welcomes new and current research, theoretical essays, opinion pieces, policy studies, and best literacy practices. As a peer-reviewed publication, Reading Horizons endeavors to bring school professionals, literacy researchers, teacher educators, parents, and community leaders together in a collaborative community to widen literacy and language arts horizons.

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Ken VanderMeulen
Karla Hawkins Wendelin
W John Harker
Gerry Bohning
Samuel A Perez
E Marcia Sheridan
Duane R Tovey

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