Reading Notes /edited by Dirk Van Hulle , Wim Van Mierlo ; Book Reviews Editor Dirk Van Hulle

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Dirk van Hulle, Wim Van Mierlo
Rodopi, 2004 - Literary Criticism - 415 pages
Reading notes constitute a vast resource for an understanding of literary history and culture. They indicate what writers read as well as how they read and what they used in their own work. As such, they play an important role in both the reception and the production of texts. The essays in this volume, representing the newest trends in European and international textual scholarship, examine literary creation and the relationship between reading and writing. To study how readers respond to writing and how reading engenders new writing, the contributing scholars no longer take for granted that authors write in splendid isolation, but turn to a more broadly sociological investigation of authorship, assigning new roles to the writer as reader, notetaker, annotator, book collector and so on.
Notes and annotations may be fragmentary, private, undigested and embryonic, but as witnesses to the reading process, they tell unique stories about writers and readers, ranging from great marginalists like Coleridge to women annotators of cookbooks. This subject of research is a junction of several fields of research and tries to bridge gaps between separate disciplines with a common ground, such as the history of the book, the history of reading, and the history of writing, scholarly editing, and textual genetics (the analysis, commentary and critical interpretation of the way in which works of art come into being), bridging the gap between literary and textual criticism.

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J Driscoll
Carmen Peraita
Stephen Colclough
C Mays
Greta Golick
H T M van Vliet
Wim Van Mierlo
Bodo Plachta
Maximiliaan van Woudenberg
Peter Shillingsburg
Martha Nell Smith
Rudiger NuttKofoth
Geert Lernout
Dirk Van Hulle
Carmen Peraita

Davide Giuriato
Herbert Wackerlin

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Page 11 - J'étais si fou dans ces moments de bonheur que je n'ai presque aucun souvenir distinct; tout au plus quelque date pour marquer, sur un livre nouvellement acheté, l'endroit où je l'avais lu. La moindre remarque marginale fait que si je relis jamais ce livre, je reprends le fil de mes idées et vais en avant.

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