Reading Without Tears: Or, A Pleasant Mode of Learning to Read. Part first

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Harper, 1866 - Readers (Primary) - 136 pages
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Page 285 - Here, little one tired; sit down. . Big one kneel down, carry him along. Here travel all night ; dark ; not see that bush ; her fall on him." Further on, and more observations. " Here little one tired again ; big one kneel down ; no able to rise, fall flat on his face.
Page 201 - A man dip-ped a sponge in vin-e-gar, and put it on a reed and gave it to Je-sus.
Page 176 - This is my Body, which is broken for you ; and this is my blood which is shed for many, for the remission of sins.
Page 289 - ... they heard her in distinct accents begin to repeat her evening prayer — " Gentle Jesus, meek and mild, Look upon a little child.'' And it is still more interesting to know that night after night, as the children lay down on that cold desolate heath, sometimes heard by her brothers, sometimes heard by none but that blessed Saviour Himself, this little girl, in precious words happily taught her, sought the care and guardianship...
Page 266 - Lord came down from heaven, and rolled away the stone from the door of the tomb...
Page 114 - you may be a kitten, if you please ; but if you play like a kitten, you must live like a kitten.
Page 138 - I will save you and your fam-i-ly. Build an ark, and bring some beasts and some birds in-to the ark, and get a great deal of food and store it up in the ark." So No-ah built an ark. While he was build-ing it, the wick-ed peo-ple went on in sin, and be-came worse and worse. No-ah went in-to the ark with his wife, and his three sons, and his sons' wives, and the beasts and the birds.
Page 93 - ... was that the don-key did so. Well, my dear, this was the way. A la-dy drove the cart down to the beach. She had six chil-dren with her. Three lit-tle ones sat in the cart by her side. Three big-ger girls ran be-fore the cart. When they came to the beach, the la-dy and the chil-dren got out.
Page 22 - El-len was pleas-ed. Her nurse be-gan to dress her. Her nurse wish-ed to wrap her in a scar f; but El-len did not like it; so she be-gan to scream. Pa-pa came in-to the nur-se-ry and said, " I shall drive a-way and leave you.
Page 94 - Suddenly a big wave rushed to the land. The girls started back to avoid the wave, and they let go the donkey's rein. The donkey was alarmed by the noise the girls made, and it went into the sea, not knowing where it was going because it was not able to see. The girls ran screaming to the lady, crying out, "The donkey is in the sea!

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