Real Ghost Stories

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1st World Library, Jun 15, 2007 - 236 pages
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Real Ghost Stories!-How can there be real ghost stories when there are no real ghosts? But are there no real ghosts? You may not have seen one, but it does not follow that therefore they do not exist. How many of us have seen the microbe that kills? There are at least as many persons who testify they have seen apparitions as there are men of science who have examined the microbe. You and I, who have seen neither, must perforce take the testimony of others. The evidence for the microbe may be conclusive, the evidence as to apparitions may be worthless; but in both cases it is a case of testimony, not of personal experience.

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Entamoo ee book wayiche njnan pediche thoori,mulli.enthokeya ithil paranjirikunnathe.pretham undolum polum.ho ethara divasamayi onne urangite ho kunna pollum pongunnila macha.oru vannam keerite ethra nalayenno.ho inganeyonnum book irakhale macha.
ITs a good book.great work sir. I thought all this EMF fluctuation and all is because of these ghost or presence of spirits and all.Now I got a real reason for this fluctuation. But still is there ghost or what? Then what is exortism and all sir?

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