Real Men Don't Lay on the Couch All Day

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Dog Ear Publishing, 2007 - Family & Relationships - 48 pages
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Do you know the difference between a real man and a fake? A real man has flaws, he's not perfect. But his good qualities far outweigh his flaws. If you start a conversation about your man saying, "I know he doesn't work but." Yeah he sells drugs but." And my personal favorite, "He promised not to hit me again." This book will show you how to recognize what kind of man you have. How to treat said man. How to leave said man if necessary. Contrary to popular belief, half a man is not better than no man! Would you let someone sell you half a car? Course not! If any 1 of these 10 statements apply to your man, run to the checkout counter and buy this book!!! 1.)His Mama tells you he aint worth a damn! (She should know, she raised that clown. His daddy probably was useless too.) 2.)Refuses to help around the house. (Dishes, laundry, yard, cooking, kids, dog, making love.) Feels that's your job, while his is holding the couch down. 3.)Spends hour after hour playing Video Games (self-explanatory, hopeless.) 4.)Puts his "Boys" before you. (Is he F'N them? ) Acts like he can't make a move without them. Got no time for you, but if they call he's gone with the wind! 5.)Lazy sex! (If he's not giving you his best, then who is he giving it to?) Only interested in his arrival; you come later. when he's asleep and you've whipped out the "Rabbit." 6.)Starts a "rap career" at 30! (M.C. Trifling) Everybody has a dream. He needs to find his own and stop trying to do what's "hot" at the moment. 7.)Blocks your progress. Doesn't want you to succeed. Due to his insecurity, feels that you'll grow away from him (let's hope you do.) 8.)Jealous of the kids. (Doesn't matter if they're his, yours, or both. Wants allthe attention, instead of contributing to their growth.) 9.) Won't "take one for the team." (He'd rather you sacrifice than him. If bills need to be paid, it's most likely coming out your pocket, because he needs his money.) 10.)Too many "babymamas." (If you get with him and he has kids scattered through out the Tri-State, don't think you're special and he'll take care of yours. "Character is consistent." No matter what he shows you coming in, the real him will shine through.)

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