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Use in Literature ReassertingThe architect meant it to reassert, with all the art and grace he could command, the mastery of love, of thought and poetry, in religion, over the masculine, military energy of the great hall below.ndash;Henry Adams in Mont-Saint-Michel And Chartres.Then the great soul reasserted itself and mounting his horse went forward to meet the fugitives and encourage them.ndash;Joseph A. Altsheler in The Star of Gettysburg.Youth had reasserted itself and Harry was again all excitement and elation.ndash;Joseph A. Altsheler in The Guns of Shiloh.Then through night hours, as the temperature of the lower air has become equalised, the haze has completely disappeared, but only to reassert itself at dawn.ndash;J.M. Bacon in The Dominion of the Air.There Madame Guillaume reasserted her rights, and, for the first time, placed Augustine next herself, Virginie taking her place on the fourth chair, next to Lebas.ndash;Honoreacute; de Balzac in At the Sign of the Cat & Racket.They have been more or less justifiable, but when least so they were never thought to involve any denial of the idea of private property in itself, for they went right on to reassert it under a different form.ndash;Edward Bellamy in Equality.It would seem then that the rational self reasserts itself, and that the two personalities, one of which has been creating and the other observing, come in like dogs to heel.ndash;Arthur Christopher Benson in Escape and Other Essays.Staunton made no real effort to recover his laurels afterwards or to in any way reassert English claims to supremacy.ndash;Henry Edward Bird in Chess History and Reminiscences.No respect for treaties would have deterred them from reasserting what had solemnly been signed away, and the permanent success of the faction at Jehol would have entailed, within a comparatively short period, the outbreak of another foreign war.ndash;Demetrius Charles Boulger in China.The Chinese thus brought to a triumphant conclusion the campaigns undertaken for the reassertion of their authority over the Mohammedan populations which had revolted.ndash;Demetrius Charles Boulger in China.

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