Reassessing: Webster's Facts and Phrases

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Icon Group International, Incorporated, Dec 19, 2008 - 53 pages
Nonfiction Usage Journalism UsageBurma - News: November 30, 2005 - Headline: Burma Hopes for Alternative AIDS Funding as Global Fund Withdraws. Author: Ron Corben. Excerpt: Burma's military government, facing international criticism over its human rights record, is said to be reassessing restrictions on international aid organizations, a move which AIDS support groups say is positive and needs to be encouraged.China - News: October 7, 2003 - Headline: China's New Leader Faces Tough Political Challenges. Excerpt: But in his first year in power, analysts say Mr. Hu has not made a clear imprint as a progressive leader. In August, under Hu's direction, the communist party issued an order prohibiting debate on the topics of political reform, constitutional amendments and reassessing historical incidents, such as Beijing's 1989 crackdown on democracy protests.China - News: October 10, 2004 - Headline: Chirac Calls for Lifting Ban on EU Weapons Sales to China. Excerpt: In June 1989, the Chinese army killed hundreds of pro-democracy activists who had taken part in demonstrations in Beijing's Tiananmen Square. On Saturday, Chinese President Hu indicated he believes the move was appropriate, and said his government has no intention of reassessing the incident.Iran - News: January 10, 2007 - Headline: US: Sanctions Target Iran's Nuclear Program, Not Its People. Author: David Gollust. Excerpt: Casey said because Iran is now subject to mandatory sanctions under Chapter Seven of the U.N. charter, companies around the world are reassessing the wisdom of doing business with Iran, and that Iranian officials have acknowledged the impact this is having on foreign investment.Iraq - News: April 21, 2003 - Headline: Rumsfeld Denies US Seeks Access to Military Bases in Iraq. Excerpt: Mr. Rumsfeld acknowledges the United States is now reassessing its post-war military footprint in the Middle East and Gulf region. But he says it unlikely the Pentagon will even have to consider any new bases.Iraq - News: August 20, 2003 - Headline: UN Reassesses Iraq Security Arrangement. Excerpt: U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan says the United Nations will continue its work in Iraq. But he says U.N. officials are reassessing their security arrangements following the terrorist attack Tuesday at the United Nations' Baghdad headquarters that left at least 17 people dead.Iraq - News: August 21, 2003 - Headline: US to Pursue UN Resolution Enlisting Help for Coalition Effort in Iraq. Excerpt: The Security Council is now reassessing security arrangements for its operations in Iraq.Iraq - News: September 12, 2003 - Headline: Kofi Annan to Push for Improved Security in Iraq. Excerpt: Mr. Annan says the United Nations has been reassessing its security needs, not only in Iraq, but worldwide, following the suicide bombing at its Baghdad headquarters on August 19. The powerful blast killed at least 22 people, including the U.N.'s top envoy to Iraq, Sergio Vieira de Mello.Kenya - News: December 13, 2002 - Headline: Kenya Analyzes Ties with US After Terrorist Attack. Excerpt: Some Kenyans advocate reassessing Kenya's ties with its allies. The country's leading human rights organization, the Kenya Human Rights Commission, says it is time for the government to reassess its close ties with the United States and Israel. The commission's executive director, Willy Mutunga, says, after three attacks, it is time to examine those ties.Palestine - News: September 25, 2001 - Headline: The Lessons of Intifada. Excerpt: The political correspondent for the Jerusalem Report magazine, Leslie Susser, says Israel and the Palestinians are reassessing their policies after the terror attacks in New York and Washington.

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