Recapture your bounce: Brilliant ideas for getting more energy

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Infinite Ideas, Jun 11, 2012 - Health & Fitness - 80 pages
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Where has all the energy gone? Why are we so horribly deprived of joie de vivre? Insomnia is one answer – 42% of us say our biggest health worry is lack of sleep. Our 24/7 society must be playing a part. We’re intelligent, street-smart people but we’re utterly exhausted. Maybe we haven’t made the connection between our insomnia and the fact we check our emails every night at 11.30. One of the main reasons for our exhaustion is a pig-headed refusal to accept some self-evident facts. Namely: if we don’t eat well, sleep well, exercise our bodies, take time to relax and spend time with people we love (as opposed to people we share desk space with) then we’re not going to function well. This book is a bit different from most books on energy, which advise lots of lovely complementary therapies and detoxing as a cure for lack of energy. It may well work, but we don’t know anyone who has done it, including ourselves. And we know lots and lots of exhausted people, and lots of them are therapists. And they don’t do it either. The truth is, when you’re really tired, you don’t need anything else to add to the to-do list. Which is why every single idea in this book you can do yourself, off your own bat – today, if you like.

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1 What am I up against?
2 The real reason youre so tired
3 How to eat
4 Stand tall breathe deep
5 How to start exercising when you really dont want to
6 Finding work to make your heart sing
7 Give your brain a break
13 Never run out of energy again
14 Energy black spots transformed
15 The energy drench
16 Stop dithering start living
17 Get in the raw
18 Let in the light
19 Liberate endorphins
20 Big in Japan

8 Energy black holes
9 Avoid the brain drain
10 The need for speed
11 A oneminute answer to midafternoon slump
12 Good morning sunshine
21 Just a minute
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