Recent types of dynamo-electric machinery: a complete guide for the electrician, engineer, student and professor, being a valuable history of ... the building of American dynamo machines and their applications ... illustrated with over 600 ... engravings ...

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Electrical world & engineer, 1898 - Technology & Engineering - 600 pages
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Page 206 - ... works of the Boston and Montana Consolidated Copper and Silver Mining Company at Great Falls, Montana.
Page 339 - Details of the spots and their rotation periods are given in the accompanying table, from which it will be seen that the mean period derived from the whole series is 91' 50™
Page 87 - Z moves in a direction opposite to that of the hands of a clock. The same principle is also used in thermostats. In these instruments the free end of the bar is sometimes made to move between stops connected with electric circuits ; and in this way the temperature of a furnace or a room can be easily controlled. With the help of the table we can calculate the expansion...
Page 562 - Dial of Westinghouse dial type variable ratio voltage regulator. This is usually accomplished by means of ac regulators or induction regulators. A devise of this kind is essentially a transformer, the primary of which is excited by being connected directly across the circuit, while the secondary is in series with the circuit as shown in fig. 6,768. By this method the circuit receives the voltage generated in the secondary. There are two kinds of pressure regulator: 1, induction regulator, and 2,...
Page 357 - The data relating to these transformers is given in the accompanying table. It will be seen that the...
Page 72 - The purpose of the series winding is to strengthen the magnets by the current supplied from the armature to the circuit, and thus automatically sustain the pressure. If the series winding were not present, the pressure at the terminals would fall as the load increased. This...
Page 519 - Uniphase circuit is connected by branches with the doublepole primary fuse box, and the primary winding of the transformer. The secondary winding of the transformer is brought to the main switch of the motor through a doublepole fuse block.
Page 563 - When, however, the core is tilted, so as to pass through both coils, a greater or less quantity of...
Page 337 - Two of these are from the primary mains, and the other two lead to the primary coil of the transformer. These wires terminate tnmeFig. 227—" Westinghouse Transformer for Arc-Lighting.
Page 242 - D, so that there are two air-gaps in the magnetic circuit, one between A and D, and the other between G and H.

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