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Nonfiction Usage Patent UsageA Thruster: Patented by Terence R. Day on September 4, 1996. Abstract: A thruster such as a marine thruster has a fluid inlet (12), a fluid outlet (13), a shroud (15), a fluid passageway (14), and an internal toroidal body (11) around which recirculating fluid (26) passes at high speed, the recirculating fluid (26) causing the incoming fluid (17) to be accelerated through to the fluid outlet (13).Adsorption/regeneration process: Patented by James G. Minor on February 3, 1993. Abstract: A process for removal of contaminants from a fluid stream comprising adsorbing the contaminants with an adsorbent, contacting the resulting contaminant-laden adsorbent with a heated fluid, incinerating a portion of the contaminant-laden fluid, mixing at least a portion of the products of combustion with the remaining portion of contaminant-laden fluid, recirculating the mixture of contaminant-laden fluid and combustion products through the adsorbent to increase the concentration of contaminants in the mixture, and incinerating at least a portion of the recirculated mixture.Advanced gas control in gas-liquid mixing systems: Patented by Jeffrey P. Kingsley on August 8, 1994. Abstract: Sloped inner and outer conical baffles are provided in a gas-liquid mixing system having a recirculating portion of a body of liquid, separated from a quiescent portion of the body of liquid and an overhead gas phase, precluding the collection of gas under the baffles, eliminating dead zones of gas, and minimizing the passage of gas to the overhead gas phase during normal operation, while facilitating the venting of gases during upset conditions.Air Filter: Patented by John D. Payne and Helen Dukes on July 26, 2000. Abstract: An air filter for a circulating and/or recirculating air system comprising a filter medium containing a microbiologicaly effective amount of a polymeric biguanide or salt thereof. Also claimed is a method for reducing odours and/or air-borne micro-organisms in a circulating or recirculating air system using the air filter, and a method for protecting an air filter medium against microbial degradation by incorporating in, or on, the medium a microbiologically effective amount of a polymeric biguanide or salt thereof.Air humidification apparatus: Patented by Per Wolff, Bjarne Bernt and Lasse Hessel on June 9, 1992. Abstract: A movable device for improving the indoor air-environment comprising a water pump, a substantially vertical sheet element (10, 11, 12) which is so arranged that a free falling curtain-like stream of water (17) is formed at the upper end of the sheet element proximate to the sheet element (10, 11, 12) and a tank (9) for collecting and recirculating the water to the water pump. A satisfactory air humidification and an effective removal of impurities in the air are obtained.Air inlet cowl for a jet engine equipped with de-icing means: Patented by Alain Porte, Stephane Viala and Olivier Barbara on August 9, 2001. Abstract: Air inlet cowl for a jet engine equipped with deicing means. According to the invention, the hollow leading edge (16) of said cowl (9) comprises a mixer (19) for forming, at each moment, a mixture of the stream of hot air (20) being injected and some, previously injected, of the stream of air that is recirculating. This evens out the temperature inside said leading edge (16), eliminating hot spots and optimizing the de-icing.All-Organic Corrosion Inhibitor Composition and Uses Thereof: Patented by Steven J. Colby, Dwight E. Emerich and Edward S. Beardwood on October 12, 2000. Abstract: This invention relates to an all-organic corrosion inhibiting composition comprising: (a) 6,6,6-(1,3,5-triazine-2,4,6-triyltriimino) tris hexanoic acid; and (b) a water-soluble phosphonated oligomer salt. The invention also relates to a process for inhibiting corrosion in a closed recirculating cooling water system.Altitude gas turbine engine test cell: Patented by William D. Colletti on September

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