Recognition in International Law: A Bibliography

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Stefan Talmon
Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 2000 - Law - 401 pages
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The bibliography lists the literature and State practice on the question of recognition in international law for the last two hundred years. It contains books and articles, ie. contributions to journals and other collected works such as "Festschriften" and Encyclopaedias, as well as (published and unpublished) theses, pamphlets, compilations of diplomatic documents and case notes. As many of the monographs on recognition in international law will not be available in all libraries, book reviews have been included in the bibliography in order to enable the user to decide whether it may be advisable to order a certain work by inter-library loan. Its 4,500 entries are arranged systematically according to subject categories in fourteen main sections. Each main section is further subdivided with ever-increasing specificity into sub-sections on codification, codification attempts, general studies, studies of certain recognition questions and studies of specific recognition cases. The bibliography employs a broad meaning of recognition. It is not restricted to the question of status of an authority or entity in international law but encompasses also the question of relations with it. As many of the recognition cases must be considered, and can only be understood, against their historic, political and sometimes even economic background, the bibliography includes not only purely legal treaties but also publications of a primarily historical, political or economic content which incidentally deal with aspects of recognition in international law. This is reflected by the titles of the 730 journals from more than 50 countries in 20 different languages which have been used to compile the bibliography.The bibliography contains both an author and a comprehensive subject index to enable users to locate works of a particular writer or a specific problem.

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Recognition in General
Recognition of States
2 Legal Status and International Relations of the Republic
ROCUS Relations under
Recognition of Governments
France Second Republic 1848 France Third Republic 1870 Portugal
Recognition of De Facto Governments in the Americas
Recognition of Governments in Exile
Modes of Recognition
Legal Effects of Recognition and NonRecognition
3 Court Access
6 State Property Abroad
Recognition and MembershipRepresentation in International Forums
The Principle of NonRecognition
Ethiopia 1936 Austria 1938 Albania 1939 Bohemia and Moravia
Author Index

Belgium 191418 Serbia 191518 Montenegro 191618 Poland 193990
Recognition of Authorities and Entities Sui Generis
Recognition of Belligerency and of Insurgency
Subject Index

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