Recollections of A.N. Welby Pugin, and his father, Augustus Pugin: with notices of their works

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Page 110 - The mechanical part of Gothic architecture is pretty well understood, but it is the principles which influenced ancient compositions, and the soul which appears in all the former works, which is so lamentably deficient ; nor, as I have before stated, can they be regained but by a restoration of the ancient feelings and sentiments. 'Tis they alone that can restore Gothic architecture...
Page 313 - ... it was he who first showed us that our architecture offended not only against the law of beauty but also against the laws of morality.
Page 161 - Oh! then, what delight ! what joy unspeakable ! when one of the solemn piles is presented to them, in* all its pristine life and glory! — the stoups are filled to the brim ; the rood is raised on high ; the screen glows with sacred imagery and rich device ; the niches are filled ; the altar is replaced, sustained by sculptured shafts, the relics of the saints repose beneath, the body of Our Lord is enshrined on its consecrated stone ; the lamps of the sanctuary burn bright ; the saintly portraitures...

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