Recollections of Persons and Places in the West

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J. Kay, jun. and brother, 1834 - Всего страниц: 244

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Стр. 44 - His swans, which swam round basins of water, amused me more than any of the wonders exhibited by the wonderful man. The doctor was a great favorite with the Americans, as well for his vivacity and sweetness of temper which nothing could sour, as on account of a circumstance which gave him high claims to the esteem of the backwoodsmen. He had shown himself, notwithstanding his small stature and great good nature, a very hero in combat with the Indians.
Стр. 94 - M'Candless, was called, and ordered to clear the walls and joists. He went i to work with his assistants, and soon pulled down by the legs those who were in no very great haste to obey. M'Junkin was the last, and began to growl, as he prepared to descend. "What do you say, sir?" said the judge. "I say, I pay my taxes, and his as good a reete here as iny mon." "Sheriff, sheriff," said the judge,
Стр. 73 - The plain within the course, and near it, was filled with booths as at a fair, where everything was said, and done, and sold, and eaten or drunk — where every fifteen or twenty minutes there was a rush to some part, to witness a fisticuff — where dogs barked and bit, and horses trod on men's toes, and booths fell down on people's heads!
Стр. 68 - ... Once more upon the waters ! yet once more ! And the waves bound beneath me as a steed That knows his rider. Welcome to their roar! Swift be their guidance, wheresoe'er it lead ! Though the strain'd mast should quiver as a reed.
Стр. 45 - ... a hole in my pocket, if it had remained there. In the spring and summer, a good deal of my time was passed in the garden, weeding the beds.
Стр. 93 - Pittsburgh attended, and the presiding judge, a stiff, formal, and pedantic old bachelor, took his seat, supported by the two associate judges, who were common farmers, one of whom was blind of an eye. The hall was barely sufficient to contain the bench, bar, jurors and constables. But few of the spectators could be accommodated on the lower floor, the only one yet laid ; many therefore clambered up the walls, and placing their hands and feet in the open interstices between the logs, hung there,...
Стр. 24 - Beauvais was a long, low building, with a porch or shed in front, and another in the rear ; the chimney occupied the centre, dividing the house into two parts, with each a fireplace. One of these served for dining-room, parlor, and principal bed-chamber ; the other was the kitchen ; and each had a small room taken off at the end for private chambers or cabinets.
Стр. 24 - The furniture, excepting the beds and the looking glass, was of the most common kind, consisting of an armoire, a rough table or two, and some coarse chairs. The yard was enclosed with cedar pickets, eight or ten inches in diameter, and six feet high, placed upright, sharpened at the top, in the manner of a stockade fort.
Стр. 42 - French signification of the word This singular village was settled by people from Paris and Lyons, chiefly artisans and artists, peculiarly unfitted to sit down in the wilderness and clear away forests. I have seen half a dozen at work in taking down a tree, some pulling ropes fastened to the branches, while others were cutting around it like beavers. Sometimes serious accidents occurred in consequence of their awkwardness. Their former employment had been only calculated to administer to the luxury...
Стр. 42 - Ohio. Their means by this time had been exhausted, and they were beginning to suffer from the want of the comforts and even the necessaries of life. The country back from the river was still a wilderness, and the...

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