Recollections of a Housekeeper

Harper & Brothers, 1838 - 155 páginas

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Página 124 - ... after which, to the last moment of his life, he never heard the least allusion to the story, in whatever voice or tone it was mentioned, without getting up and retiring into the darkest corner of the room with great appearance. of distress. Then if you said, ' The baker was well paid,' or ' The baker was not hurt after all,' Camp came forth from his hiding-place, capered, and barked, and rejoiced.
Página 122 - Oh, young and lovely bride, watch well the first moments when your will conflicts with his to whom God and society have given the control. Reverence his wishes even when you do not his opinions.
Página 69 - As mine own shadow was this child to me, A second self, far dearer and more fair ; Which clothed in undissolving radiancy All those steep paths which languor and despair Of human things had made so dark and bare.

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