Recommended Methods for Testing Barbiturate Derivatives Under International Control: Manual for Use by National Narcotics Laboratories

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United Nations Publications, 16 thg 4, 2004 - 52 trang
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Trang 3 - and suggestions may be addressed to: Division of Narcotic Drugs United Nations Office at Vienna Vienna International Centre PO Box 500 A—1400 Vienna, Austria
Trang 1 - of seizures, presents a challenge not only to national law enforcement authorities, but also to the technical and scientific staff of forensic laboratories. Analysts have to be able to deal with
Trang 1 - derivatives. In emphasizing the importance of the expert group meetings organized by the Division on various scientific and technical aspects of drug control and the high practical value for national law enforcement and laboratory services of the technical manuals as the outcome of the expert meetings, the
Trang 1 - of the Division of Narcotic Drugs with special emphasis on the development of laboratory methodologies. It noted with satisfaction that the harmonization of laboratory methods and the
Trang 1 - methods of testing for national forensic laboratories was pursued vigorously and that such methods had already been developed for heroin, cocaine, cannabis products, opium/crude morphine, amphetamine/methamphetamine,

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Jose Antonio Ocampo is Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations for Economic and Social Affairs, and former Executive Secretary of ECLAC.

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