Record of the Parish List of Deaths. 1785-1819

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Essex Institute, 1882 - Essex County (Mass.) - 177 pages

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Page 80 - Essex, corner of Herbert Street. Father mariner. 707. Oct. 24. Mary, wife of Benjamin Macdonald. 42 years old. Married at 30 years; a Cox, born in Salem. He from Ireland, died in the Amer. ship Essex. Two daughters. 708. Oct. 29. William, of Nath. and Hannah Western. Scarlet fever, etc., 6 years. The mother a Richardson from Woburn. Have seven children left, one son. Carlton Street. Father a shoemaker. 709. Oct. 29. Lois, of same. Same disease, 3 years. Father from Reading. 195 Four children, two...
Page 84 - Fever at sea, 60 years of age. Married at 28 years. He married Susanna Hathorne at Hampton, 19 Oct., 1772. Left a son and dau. His son survived him one week. 738. July 22. Capt. Ebenezer, son of above. Fever, 23 years of age. On board same ship with his father and died at the Quarantine ground, Salem. 739. Aug. 13. Anna, widow of Adam Welman. Consumption, 30 years of age. Married at 25, one year in marriage. She was a dau. of Nath'l and A. Browne. Her husband died abroad. She was addressed by a sou...
Page 4 - ... children, 2 males. 43. Dec. 29. News of the death of Capt. Adam Weiman. Fever, set. 42. He has left a large family, three classes of children : his wife's by a former husband, his own by a former wife, his own by the present wife, 9 in number ; a very aged father and a brother to his present wife, a non compos. Welman, Pierce and. Clark died in the same vessel in the course of this year, as the times show.
Page 112 - ... left, one male. At the Bridge from Neptune to Water street. 915. June 19. Eunice, wife of Samuel Tucker. Consumption, 40 years. Had been a nurse in Jacob Crowninshield's family, and much esteemed by him, and remembered in his will. She was a Stevens, married at 23 years of age, and time in marriage 12 years ; her mother a Mascoll, now widow Welman. She had been a widow five years. Four children, three males. Derby street, corner of Becket. 916. June 28. Female child of Joel and Hanna Potter....
Page 164 - ... daughter. Was some time in Marine Hospital. Brought to Salem on the 9th of Oct. and died on the 12th. Norman street. 1198. Oct. 15. John Peters, son of Capt. John Peters. Lost at sea, 20 years. Left in the Albatross from Falkland Isles with oil, Aug. 30, lat. N. 34, long. 50. Washed overboard with captain, four saved, seven lost. The father from the Peters family of Essex, His second wife an Archer, first a Skerry. He lives on the Skerry estate, Bridge street.
Page 109 - ... a woman of uncommon merit and sufferings. See DB Left two daughters. Herbert street. 897. Dec. 16. Mary N., dau. of John and Mary Peters. Dropsy in head, 8 years. Child long sick, some suppose fever. She an Archer, married first a Gunnerson by whom she had one child, a son ; second, a Norman ; then Peters, by whom she had one child. He of the ancient family of Peters. Bridge street.
Page 46 - They have three children left, one son. 446. Nov. 24. Mary, of Benjamin and Mary Becket. Pleurisy, 20 months. She was a Wyman from Danvers ; two children left, both males. Sick only one week ; always feeble. 447. Nov. 30. Joseph Thayer, lately from Woburn. Fever, set. 23. Two years married. He has a wife, an Edget ; are both from Woburn. He came into town in June last, and she in Aug. They have one child, a female. He was a carpenter employed by Mr. Lefavre.
Page 69 - A son and daughter left. Daniels Street. 624. May 29. Daniel, brother of Hannah, last named. Fever, 3 years. (See 1795, three children lost by same fever.) Sick 41 hours only. 625. May 29. Mary, widow of John Ward. Fever, 51 years, married at 18 years. Lived with her first husband, an Emerton, 7 years, and with her second husband, Ward, 5 years. He died Dec., 1789. She a Lufkin from Ipswich. Had son and daughter by first marriage. Daughter married Luke Heard.
Page 154 - Six children left. This the first they have lost. Essex street, Brown house, cor. of Walnut street. 1144. Aug. 18. Widow Lydia Alexander. Apoplexy, 78 years. She a Woodhull, dau. of wife of I. Babbidge. Married, first, at 17, a Lander, with whom she lived three years ; time in second marriage six years. Daughter by last husband. One daughter married a Francis with seven children, six females. She had been a widow fifty years.
Page 89 - Townsend. 88 772. Apr. 4. Capt. Samuel Masury. Fever, 40 years. Married, at 28, Nancy dau. of W. Browne. They have five children, two sons. Below Pleasant street, north of Common, in New street. 773. Apr. 11. Josiah Gatchel, a carpenter. Cramp in stomach, 28 years. Married, at 23, Sarah Lane dau. of Nicholas Lane. He from Brunswick, Me., and his parents, etc., are still living. Long confined by cramps and rheumatism. Two children left, males.

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