Records of the Heart, and Other Poems

H. G. Bohn, 1866 - 420 sidor

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Sida 123 - Nevada would gleam like silver clouds against the darker firmament, and all the outlines of the mountain would be softened, yet delicately defined. My delight, however, would be to lean over the parapet of the tocador, and gaze down upon Granada, spread out like a map below me ; all buried in deep repose, and its white palaces and convents sleeping as it were in the moonshine.
Sida 124 - Sometimes I would hear the faint sounds of castanets from some party of dancers lingering in the Alameda ; at other times I have heard the dubious tones of a guitar, and the notes of a single voice rising from some solitary street, and have pictured to myself some youthful cavalier serenading his lady's window ; a gallant custom of former days, but now sadly on the decline except in the remote towns and villages of Spain.
Sida 238 - ... were the remains of a cultivated, polished, and peculiar people, who had passed through all the stages incident to the rise and Fall of nations, reached their golden age, and perished, entirely unknown. The links which connected them with the human family were severed and lost, and these wore the only memorials of their footsteps upon earth. We lived in...
Sida 300 - Grave of the mighty — hero, poet, sage—- Whose deeds are guiding stars to every age ! Land unsurpassed in glory and despair, Still in thy desolation thou art fair. Low in sepulchral dust lies Pallas' shrine — Low in sepulchral dust thy fanes divine, And all thy visible self — yet, o'er thy clay, Soul, beauty, linger, hallowing decay. Not all the ills that war entailed on thee, Not all the blood that stained...
Sida 238 - We could not but regard it as a holy place, dedicated to the gods, and consecrated by the religious observances of a lost and unknown people. Comparatively, the hand of ruin has spared it, and the great tablet, surviving the wreck of elements, stands perfect and entire. Lonely, deserted, and without any worshippers at its shrine, the figures and characters are distinct as when the people who reared it went up to pay their adorations before it. To us it was all a mystery ; silent, defying the most...
Sida 320 - ... and proclaim unto the people a solemn pilgrimage; let them come unto thee on foot, and on every lean camel, arriving from every distant road; that they may be witnesses of the advantages which accrue to them from the visiting this holy place, and may commemorate the name of God on the appointed days, in gratitude for the brute cattle which he hath bestowed on them.
Sida 134 - And come and sit and weep by me In night's deep noon — Oh ! I would ask of memory No other boon. But ah ! a lonelier fate is mine, A deeper wo ; From all I love in youth's sweet time I soon must go...
Sida 215 - For retribution loudly cries to Heaven, And for the presence of her warriors pleads Till from her far the ruthless foe is driven — Oh GOD ! oh GOD ! hast thou my country given To direful fate ? Must I lie cooped up here ; While she by desecrating hands is riven ; IV.
Sida 134 - The initial trochee here, in each instance, substituted for the iambus, produces, so naturally as to seem accidental, a very effective echo of sound to sense. The thought included in the line "And light the tomb...
Sida 123 - At such a time I have ascended to the little pavilion, called the Queen's Toilette, to enjoy its varied and extensive prospect. To the right, the snowy summits of the Sierra Nevada would gleam like silver clouds against the darker firmament, and all the outlines of the mountain would be softened, yet delicately defined.

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