Recreations in Mathematics, with 60 Illustrations

Front Cover
D. Van Nostrand Company, 1917 - 155 pages

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Page 154 - The heavens themselves, the planets, and this centre, Observe degree, priority, and place, Insisture, course, proportion, season, form, Office, and custom, in all line of order...
Page 138 - That there wasn'ta chance for one to start, For the wheels were just as strong as the thills, And the floor was just as strong as the sills And the panels just as strong as the floor, And the whipple-tree neither less nor more, And the back-crossbar as strong as the fore. And spring and axle and hub encore. And yet, as a whole, it is past a doubt In another hour it will be worn out!
Page 15 - Currents 8vo, *3 oo Centenary of the Electrical Current. . . : 8vo, *o 50 Electric Lamps and Electric Lighting 8vo, *3 oo Electrical Laboratory Notes and Forms 4to, *s oo A Handbook for the Electrical Laboratory and Testing Room. Two Volumes 8vo, each, *5 oo Fleury, P.
Page 154 - Amidst the other; whose medicinable eye Corrects the ill aspects of planets evil, And posts, like the commandment of a king, Sans check to good and bad: but when the planets In evil mixture to disorder wander, What plagues and what portents!
Page 31 - Perfumes. . . 8vo, *5 oo Foods and Drugs. Two Volumes 8vo, Vol. I. Chemical and Microscopical Analysis of Foods and Drugs. *7 5░ Vol. II. Sale of Food and Drugs Act *3 oo — —and Coste, JH Chemistry of Pigments 8vo, *4 50 Parry, LA Risk and Dangers of Various Occupations 8vo, *3 oo Parshall, HF, and Hobart, HM Armature...
Page 29 - McKnight, JD, and Brown, AW Marine Multitubular Boilers *i 50 McMaster, JB Bridge and Tunnel Centres. (Science Series No. 20.) i6mo, o 50 McMechen, FL Tests for Ores, Minerals and Metals.
Page 44 - Windings i2mo, 3 oo Underwood, N., and Sullivan, TV Chemistry and Technology of Printing Inks 8vo, *3 oo Urquhart, JW Electro-plating I2mo, 2 oo Electrotyping i2mo, 2 oo Usborne, POG Design of Simple Steel Bridges 8vo, *4 oo Vacher, F.
Page 18 - Tool-book I2mo, i 50 Hart, JW External Plumbing Work 8vo, *3 oo Hints to Plumbers on Joint Wiping 8vo, *3 oo Principles of Hot Water Supply 8vo, *3 oo Sanitary Plumbing and Drainage 8vo, *3 oo Haskins, CH The Galvanometer and Its Uses i6mo, i 50 Hatt, JAH The Colorist square i2mo, *i 50 Hausbrand, E.
Page 18 - Hall, RH Governors and Governing Mechanism i2mo, *2 oo Hall, WS Elements of the Differential and Integral Calculus 8vo, *2 25 Descriptive Geometry 8vo volume and...
Page 14 - Practice 8vo, 2 50 Fleischmann, W. The Book of the Dairy. Trans. by CM Aikman. 8vo, 4 oo Fleming, JA The Alternate-current Transformer. Two Volumes.

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