Publications of the British Fire Prevention Committee, Volume 6

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Page 15 - The tests are of an entirely independent character, arranged on scientific lines, but with full consideration for the practical purpose in view. Absolute reliability is assured, records being mostly taken automatically or by photography, and the temperatures being easily regulated by the application of gas. All reports on tests solely state the bare facts and occurrences...
Page 15 - To use its influence in every direction towards minimizing the possibilities and dangers of fire. To bring together those scientifically interested in the subject of Fire Prevention. To arrange periodical meetings for the discussion of practical questions bearing on the same. To establish a...
Page 20 - THE EFFECT OF FIRE. A Report on the Home Building Fire, Pittsburg, USA, with Fourteen Plates and Illustrations.
Page 15 - FIRE TESTS WITH PARTITIONS. A Match-boarded Partition filled in with Silicate Cotton (Slag Wool) by Messrs. T. Anderson & Son, and Messrs. T.
Page 15 - The purpose of the tests undertaken by the British Fire Prevention Committee is to obtain reliable data as to the exact fire resistance of the various materials and systems of construction used in building practice, and to give precise particulars regarding fire preventive, fire alarm, or fire extinguishing appliances.
Page 15 - Concrete. 35. FIRE TESTS WITH DOORS. A 2-in. Framed Pitch Pine Door with 2-in. Solid Panels ; a 2-in. Framed Deal Door with 2-in. Solid Panels. 36. FIRE TESTS WITH TREATED WOOD. " Non-Flammable " Wood by the British NonFlammable Wood Company, Ltd., London. 37. FIRE TESTS WITH PARTITIONS. A Partition erected by the "Gypsine" Brick Company, Ltd., London and Pans.
Page 15 - FIRE TESTS WITH FLOORS. A Floor of Wood Joists filled in with Concrete. THE TALL BUILDING UNDER TEST OF FIRE. A Paper, with Illustrations. By H. de B. PARSONS. FIRE TESTS WITH FLOORS. A Floor of Solid Wood Beams FIRE TESTS WITH CEILINGS. A Ceiling by the Asbestos and Asbestic Co.
Page 15 - All reports on tests solely state the bare facts and occurrences, with tables, diagrams, and illustrations, and on no account are reports to be taken as including expressions of opinion, nor should any expression be read as a comparison or criticism. The general arrangement and direction of the tests are in the hands of the Executive, who act in accordance with certain principles laid down after careful study and experiment.

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