Red Hat's Wisdom

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"Maybe the greatest circle of life is love itself. When we send out love, it circles creation until the end of time, and returns to us many times during her long journey. She reaches out to Creator, completes her circle, and returns to us ten-fold. She nourishes Mother Earth, who then provides healing and nourishment for all of creation unconditionally. And the circle of life continues until the end of time."

Author Dorothy K. Daigle shares the insights of Cherokee elder and wisdom-keeper John Red Hat Duke. Red Hat's beliefs center on the Torah and the Cherokee White Path, lending him a unique view of the world. Through a series of informal conversations, Red Hat delves into the internal meanings of life, lending an in-depth understanding to others willing to share his vision.

Daigle shares Red Hat's thoughts on a variety of spiritual truths, including his grave concern for Christians, the Creator's promise, and how we can remove evil from our heart. Be enlightened by Red Hat's awesome revelations and free your soul!

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