Red Russia

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Tanya Thompson, Nov 11, 2017 - Fiction - 234 pages

Among the many things Peter doesn't know, he doesn't know he's an archetype, the Prince of Coins incarnate. He doesn't know his fiancÚ is a fortune teller either. He doesn't know Russian culture, politics, or language, but he does know American business. And he knows his fiancÚ speaks Russian. He thinks she can make him the new Tsar of the timber industry, but first they must survive a weekend with the Russian mob.

Red Russia is the story of an American businessman and his interpreter in Russia, of business, lies, and deception, of fortunes bought and told.

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Captivating, Humorous, Outlandish, and Ingenious!
Tanya Thompson never fails to entertain. I fell in love with her writing when I stumbled across her autobiographical novel Assuming Names: a
Con Artist's Masquerade, a true accounting of this actual genius and her literally laugh out loud, frighteningly capricious antics that even got the attention of Ron Howard! I highly recommend reading this book as well. You will not find any accounting that matches her live for the moment gleeful, lawless escapades, yet charming naivete. But, on to her addictively wonderful novel, Red Russia.
I don't do spoilers, because what's the point in reading a book if I tell you too much? What I can say is that this book is like no other, both in concept and writing style. Thompson has an absolute gift for creating a very visual and quite addictive way of looking at the world in her writing. The novel starts off with quite a bang and speeds ahead like a bullet train. This train is filled with some of the most humorous, dark, unexpected, absurd, thrills and chills and characters one could never forget.
She paces her book brilliantly, keeps the reader guessing, and re-guessing, and her ability to find humor in the most dark of situations is profound. There are Queens, Spies, Mystery, Thrills, Prophecies, Lions, Goats and Bears (oh my!). All of this comes together in a way that is truly brilliantly written. I have read this book at least three times, because it's just that good. Really.
Tanya Thompson has a way about her that truly astounds and intrigues me. Quite frankly, I would love to be her friend. Or a fly on the wall of her world. That being a very unlikely scenario, having books to read by her is a great consolation. One cannot encapsulate her novels as one genre--she just defies simple definition. The only simple definition I could apply is that of a brilliantly gifted woman. This book is a must-read, in my humble opinion. It definitely entertains, it gives food for thought, it imparts knowledge, has wonderful characters, and a plot that could only be devised by the inimitable, devious mind of Tanya Thompson.
Please do yourself a favor by purchasing Red Russia, and her other wonderfully entertaining, and singularly imaginative books. Then read them, and reread them to your heart's content. I cannot imagine anyone being disappointed by Ms Thompson and her unique ability to write gloriously humorous, and utterly addictive novels. The world of literature, and the world in general is a far more interesting place for her presence in it.
As always I wish happy reads to all, from the Unapologetic book Junkie!

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