Red Cotton Night-cap Country: Aristophanes' Apology. The Inn Album. Pacchiarotto and how He Worked in Distemper, and Other Poems

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Houghton, Mifflin, 1888 - 394 pages
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Page 358 - tis ask and have, I may — Since the others go ashore — Come ! A good whole holiday ! Leave to go and see my wife, whom I call the Belle Aurore !' That he asked and that he got, — nothing more.
Page 355 - Give the word !" But no such word Was ever spoke or heard ; For up stood, for out stepped, for in struck amid all these — A Captain? A Lieutenant? A Mate — first, second, third?
Page 356 - Take the helm, lead the line, save the squadron ! " cried its chief. " Captains, give the sailor place ! He is admiral, in brief." Still the North wind, by God's grace. See the noble fellow's face As the big ship, with a bound, Clears the entry like a hound, Keeps the passage as its inch of way were the wide sea's profound ! See, safe through shoal and rock, How they follow in a flock.
Page 356 - Are you mad, you Malouins? Are you cowards, fools, or rogues? Talk to me of rocks and shoals, me who took the soundings, tell On my fingers every bank, every shallow, every swell 'Twixt the offing here and Greve where the river disembogues? Are you bought by English gold? Is it love the lying's for?
Page 356 - Morn and eve, night and day, Have I piloted your bay, Entered free and anchored fast at the foot of Solidor. Burn the fleet and ruin France? That were worse than fifty Hogues! Sirs, they know I speak the truth! Sirs, believe me there's a way! Only let me lead the line, Have the biggest ship to steer, Get this 'Formidable...
Page 357 - As he stepped in front once more, Not a symptom of surprise In the frank blue Breton eyes, Just the same man as before Then said Damfreville, "My friend, I must speak out at the end, Though I find the speaking hard. Praise is deeper than the lips: You have saved the King his ships, You must name your own reward. 'Faith, our sun was near eclipse! Demand whate'er you will, France remains your debtor still. Ask to heart's...
Page 358 - Then a beam of fun outbroke On the bearded mouth that spoke, As the honest heart laughed through Those frank eyes of Breton blue: 'Since I needs must say my say, Since on board the duty's done, And from Malo Roads to Croisic Point, what is it but a run?
Page 341 - Because a man has shop to mind In time and place, since flesh must live, Needs spirit lack all life behind, All stray thoughts, fancies fugitive, All loves except what trade can give ? XXI.
Page 355 - Twas the squadron that escaped, with the victor in full chase, First and foremost of the drove, in his great ship, Damfreville, Close on him fled great and small, Twenty-two good ships in all ; And they signalled to the place, " Help the winners of a race ! Get us guidance, give us harbor, take us quick — or, quicker still, Here's the English can and will ! " Then the pilots of the place put out brisk and leaped on board ; "Why, what hope or chance have ships like these to pass?
Page 337 - Hoity toity ! A street to explore, " Your house the exception ! ' With this same key " ' Shakespeare unlocked his heart,' once more ! " Did Shakespeare ? If so, the less Shakespeare he ! SHOP.

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