Redcoats' Revenge: An Alternate History of the War of 1812

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Potomac Books, Inc., 2008 - Fiction - 318 pages
What if, on September 11, 1814, the United States had lost the close-run battle that Winston Churchill called the "most decisive" of the War of 1812? With a victory at Plattsburgh, would the British have eventually been able to regain control of their former colonies? Only one fleeting moment on Lake Champlain might have been needed to forever alter the young country's history and return it to the grip of King George III. Redcoats' Revenge brings the most successful field commander in history, the Duke of Wellington, to North America in 1814. A coalition of eight European countries has recently defeated Napoleon. With the emperor's threat to England eradicated, Wellington releases the most powerful military juggernaut for service in the Western Hemisphere. His audacious plan sends him and his avenging veteran redcoats plunging straight south from Lake Champlain toward New York City. In Washington, the streets crackle with tension at the news of British ships on the Chesapeake. The White House is promptly evacuated and the capital left undefended when a diversionary force approaches the city and chokes off Baltimore. President James Madison must now decide which of his generals is capable of successfully facing off with the Iron Duke. No friend of the tyrannical Maj. Gen. Andrew Jackson, Madison finally agrees that he may be the only commander with any hope of matching Wellington. Redcoats' Revenge is a vivid montage of the personalities and battles--real and quite possible--of the War of 1812. With its clever and compelling premise, this exciting alternate history will enthrall readers and reveal just how close the United States was to becoming a British colony once again.

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CHAPTER 1An Eventful Fateful Year
CHAPTER 2The Early Lives of Future Adversaries
CHAPTER 3The War Intensifies the Stakes Rise
CHAPTER 4The British Are ComingAgain
CHAPTER 5Both Sides Prepare to Escalate the War
CHAPTER 6Bureaucracy and the British War Machine
CHAPTER 9Wellington Plunges South
CHAPTER 10The Blaze in the Barn
CHAPTER 11The Battle of Saratoga Day Two
CHAPTER 12This Isnt War
APPENDIX 1British Army at the Battle of Saratoga 1815
APPENDIX 2US Army at the Battle of Saratoga 1815

CHAPTER 7Diversions and Death
CHAPTER 8Invasion

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