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Encyclopedic Usage A-6 Intruder. It was redesignated ''''''A-6A'''''' in the fall of 1962, and entered squadron service in February 1963. [WP]AGM-12 Bullpup. The Bullpup was the first mass-produced air-surface command guided missle, first deployed by the Navy in 1959 -- initially designated the ASM-N-7 until it was redesignated AGM-12B in 1962. [WP]AIM-4 Falcon. A brief vogue for awarding fighter and bomber designations to missiles led it to be redesignated ''''''F-98'''''' in 1951. [WP]AIM-4 Falcon. In 1955 the policy changed again, and the missile was again redesignated ''''''GAR-1''''''. [WP]AIM-47 Falcon. The XF-108 was cancelled, but development of the radar and missile (which was redesignated ''''''AIM-47'''''' in the fall of 1962) continued. [WP]AIR-2 Genie. In 1962 the weapon was redesignated ''''''AIR-2A Genie''''''. [WP]Albert Kesselring. In the fall of 1943 he was redesignated as Commander in Chief Southwest with nominal command of the German armed forces in Italy, here he led a hugely successful twenty month campaign of defence up the peninsula, making Churchill''s claims of Italy being a soft underbelly unfounded. [WP]American Motors. Incorporation AMC''s Cab Forward design introduced on the 1975 Pacer, the Premier''s platform was far more advanced than anything Chrysler was building at the time, and after some reengineering and a redesignation to LH, the Renault/AMC Premier went on to form the backbone of Chrysler''s passenger car lineup during the 1990''s as the Chrysler Concorde (a revived AMC model name), Chrysler New Yorker, Chrysler LHS, Dodge Intrepid, and Eagle Vision. [WP]Andersen Air Force Base. The field was redesignated North Guam Air Force Base in 1947. [WP]Andong National University. Management was transferred to a national authority in the school''s redesignation as Andong National Junior College in 1978. [WP]Andong Science College. The school was redesignated a technical school in 1972. [WP]Armored cruiser. She was redesignated as a second class battleship in 1894, an awkward compromise reflecting slowness compared to other cruisers, and weakness versus the first-line battleships of the time. [WP]Atlas (rocket). The missile was originally given the military designation XB-65, thus making it a bomber; from 1955 it was redesignated SM-65 and, from 1962, it became CGM-16.This letter C stood for coffin or Container, the rocket being stored in a hardened container; it was prepared for launch by being raised and fueled in the open. [WP]Australian Museum. In 1948, the ''''Scientific Assistants'''' (the scientific staff) were redesignated ''''Curators'''' and ''''Assistant Curators''''. [WP]B-17 Flying Fortress variants. In 1938 May, the Y1B-17s (now redesignated B-17) of the 2nd Bombardment Group took part in a demonstration in which they ''intercepted'' the Italian liner Rex. [WP]B-17 Flying Fortress variants. In 1942 October, all planes of the B-17B designation were redesignated RB-17B, ''''R-'''' indicating ''restricted''. [WP]B-17 Flying Fortress variants. Those surviving in 1948 were redesignated ''''''RB-17G'''''' (''''R'''' indicating ''reconnaissance''). [WP]B53 nuclear bomb. From 1968 it was redesignated ''''''B53''''''. [WP]B-66 Destroyer. In 1966, they were redesignated ''''''EB-66C''''''. [WP]Battle of the Little Bighorn. It was redesignated ''''Custer Battlefield National Monument'''' in 1946, and later renamed ''''Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument'''' in 1991. [WP]Bell X-14. In 1971, the X-14A was fitted with new engines and redesignated the ''''''X-14B''''''.The two new powerplants were GE J85-GE-19s. [WP]Big Bend National Park. In 1933 the State of Texas passed legislation to establish Texas Canyons State Park; later that year the park was redesignated Big Bend State Park. [WP]Boston class cruiser. Both ships in this experimental class were originally Baltimore class heavy cruisers that had been decommissioned after World War II, but were redesignated as guided missile heavy cruisers (CAGs) and entered refit in 1952. [WP]British 1st Infantry Division. It remained the

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