Reduction of Domestic Mosquitos: Instructions for the Use of Municipalities, Town Councils, Health Officers, Sanitary Inspectors & Residents in Warm Climates

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Page 91 - She at once settled on his clothes near his bare neck, and was carried by him into the passage of the house. He moved so quickly, however, that she was obliged to leave him, and entered the open door of another room. Here there was a child asleep in a cot which was covered by a long mosquito curtain. On this she alighted, and again waited.
Page 93 - She had tried all the water in the house, but it was all clean and filtered ; it contained no food for her young. She searched the house. If she did lay her eggs on the clean water in the jug, there would be no male for her to consort with again. She looked everywhere — no males. At last she determined to return to the cesspool where she had been born. She knew...
Page 92 - However, as she grew older she learned to avoid such enemies by hiding, and she knew exactly how to get under the bed when a sleeper woke and tried to squash her distended body. As time progressed the eggs within her developed, and she felt the weight of pregnancy bearing upon her. Her meals of blood had been regular and frequent, and she was ready to lay her first brood within THE MOSQUITO'S TRAGEDY 93 a fortnight of her first meal of blood.
Page 93 - No mosquitos of any kind. What was she to do ? She could not lay her eggs on oil. So she left her birthplace and sought another water collection. Everywhere she found the work of the mosquito brigade. Utensils were either empty or contained only clean water, and all stagnant water had been recently oiled.
Page 89 - ... sticky and uncomfortable. She then tried to thrust the end of the proboscis into the cloth, but this was only partially successful, and the cotton hurt her bristles. She flew out of the kitchen, which was deserted, for the native servants were cackling to each other on the...
Page 88 - She had flown to some clothes that were hanging behind the door and had rested again. After a short time hunger again manifested itself, so she tried to clean her proboscis with her forelegs, but it only made them sticky and uncomfortable. She then tried to thrust the end...
Page 12 - But these mosquito campaigns have always been instituted on account of either malaria or yellow fever. There is, consequently, an impression, even among medical men, that unless malaria or yellow fever actually exists in a community there is no necessity to try to reduce mosquitos.
Page 90 - Soon all was quiet, and after a moment's rest she again determined to venture for her food. She moved down gently as before and attacked the man's lip. Here she obtained a few minute drops of blood, but again the sleeper moved, and she was obliged once more to seek her refuge.
Page 91 - When on the child's net she noticed that there were a score or so of mosquitos like herself, with their bodies distended with blood. But there were only two males among them, and they both belonged to an alien species, and they had not fed on the child.
Page 89 - ... here was hard, and she could not pierce it. She changed her position slightly and tried another spot, where at the bottom of a tiny fold between the palm and the little finger she could gain an entrance. Immediately the point of her proboscis entered the cuticle her saliva began to flow into the skin, and before she could pierce any small vein the sleeper moved his hand.

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