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Side 14 - Service administers the national forests; studies forest conditions and methods of forest utilization; investigates the mechanical and physical properties of woods and the processes employed in the manufacture of forest products; and gathers information concerning the needs of the various wood-using industries and the relation of forests to the public welfare generally.
Side 12 - ... efficient relation all of the functions included in this section to the end that the work of the department shall be harmoniously and most economically performed and administered. They have provided for four assistant secretaries, who once having been appointed can never be removed, except as it says here, "and who shall be removed from office only for inefficiency and for conduct detrimental to the service on charges duly made and adjudicated in accordance with law in such case provided or for...
Side 11 - Affairs is also assigned to the Department of Labor, with the proviso that the engineering and construction work and the land and mineral surveys now performed under the direction of the Bureau of Indian Affairs are to be prosecuted under the Department of Public Works. St.
Side 8 - Aside from special difficulties in this proposal, since the operation of the canal is only a portion of the function performed by our Government at the Isthmus of Panama, it is apparently not recalled that the construction of the canal was achieved by Army engineers after several civilian engineers of undoubted distinction had given up the task. It would be appropriate to ask how the Engineer Corps of the Army has since proved deficient, if it is contemplated to change its jurisdiction over works...
Side 5 - ... could best be obtained with the different services under one directing head. Possibilities for more effective utilization of plant and personnel are obvious. With construction and engineering services scattered in different departments one may have to acquire expensive plant, tools, and equipment, although another service already possesses them and is not at the time putting them to use. Engineering equipment and materials are employed on a large scale, and the consequences of its unnecessary...
Side 7 - Government involves matters of such public importance that it should be concrete and its application made apparent. In this instance a general idea is presented, without practical and definite elaboration. Definiteness would seem especially appropriate in connection with matters of engineering concern and originating with engineers. It is true that a bill has been drawn and introduced in Congress, but when queries are raised about the contents of the bill they are avoided by statements that the question...
Side 11 - The Construction Division of the United States Army, River and Harbor Improvements, the Mississippi River Commission and the California Debris Commission, now subordinate to the Department of War, PROVIDED : That the engineer officers of the United States Army detailed to the nonmilitary...
Side 12 - SECTION 5. That all officers of the United States Army attached to the Department of Public Works shall retain their military rank and succession and receive the compensation, commutation and emoluments provided by law in the case of Army officers of the same rank not detached from regular . Army sen-ice.
Side 11 - ... No specifications are set forth as to the qualifications of the administrator of public works. We hold that because he will deal with highly technical questions he should have training in accordance therewith. Therefore we recommend that after the word "Senate" in line 14, there be inserted: who shall by training and experience be qualified to administer the affairs of the administration of public works and to evaluate the technical principles and operations involved in the work thereof.

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