Reflections on Old Norse Myths

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Pernille Hermann, Jens Peter Schjødt, Rasmus Tranum Kristensen
Brepols, 2007 - Literary Criticism - 176 pages
When seeking to understand the function of mythology in the pagan past and in medieval Iceland scholars are confronted with the problem of how sources from the Middle Ages can properly be used. The articles in this volume demonstrate diverse angles from which Old Norse mythological texts can be viewed. Many discuss methodological problems in dealing with the texts and draw on expertise from different fields of study such as history, philology, literary studies, and history of religions. The authors are all established experts in the field, but demonstrate new approaches to the study of Old Norse mythology, and offer insights into possible new directions for research.

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hlendingabok and History
Christians Continue to Find Pagan Myths Useful?
Male or Female Initiation? The Strange Case of Ragnarssaga

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