Reflections on the Rise and Fall of the Ancient Republics: Adapted to the Present State of Great Britain


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Σελίδα 265 - Mox trahitur manibus regum fortuna retortis, Esseda festinant, pilenta, petorrita, naves, Captivum portatur ebur, captiva Corinthus. Si foret in terris rideret Democritus, seu Diversum...
Σελίδα 245 - Asia preceded the ruin of Carthage in ' point of time, yet as Sallust informs us> ' the dread of that dangerous rival restrained ' the Romans within the bounds of decency ' and order. But as soon as ever that obstacle ' was removed, they gave a full scope to their
Σελίδα 253 - ... of at the arbitrary will of lawlefs power. The people will be fleeced to pay for their own fetters, and doomed, like the cattle, to unremitting toil and drudgery for the fupport of their tyrannical mafters. Or, if the outward form of civil government...
Σελίδα 202 - Perfia fell an eafy conqueft to Alexander and a handful of Macedonians ; and the Macedonian Empire, when enervated by the luxury of Afia, was compelled to receive the yoke of the victorious Romans.
Σελίδα 253 - ... and looked upon as aukward and quite unfafhionable. But as the fpirit of liberty will yet exift in fome degree in a ftate which retains the name of Freedom , even though the manners of that ftate fhould be generally depraved, an...
Σελίδα 14 - Truth \vi\le\er be unpalatable to those, who are determined not to relinquish errorj but can never give offence to the honest and well-meaning : for the plain-dealing remonstrances of a friend — differ as widely from the rancor of an enemy ^ as the friendly probe of a surgeon — from the dagger of an assassin.
Σελίδα 244 - Republick fuffered during the conteft between Marius and Sylla, but thofe fubfequent and more fatal evils, which brought on the utter extinction of the Roman liberty and conftitution, were the natural effects of that foreign luxury, which firft introduced venality and corruption.
Σελίδα 9 - Even winter carries charms for the philofophic eye, and equally fpeaks the ftupendous power of the great Author of nature. To fearch out and adore the Creator through his works, is our primary duty, and claims the firft place in every rational mind.
Σελίδα 246 - ... best bidder. The republic, which was the common prey to both, was thus rent to pieces between the contending factions — A state so circumstanced must always furnish an ample supply of proper instruments for faction. For as luxury consists in an inordinate...

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