Reflexes: Webster's Quotations, Facts and Phrases

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Icon Group International, Incorporated, Dec 19, 2008 - 222 pages
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Familiar Quotations ReflexesThe only substitute for good manners is fast reflexes.ndash;AnonymousPolitics is the reflex of the business and industrial world.ndash;Emma GoldmanLove is a conflict between reflexes and reflections.ndash;Mangnu HirschfieldThe loss of sex polarity is part and parcel of the larger disintegration, the reflex of the soul's death, and coincident with the disappearance of great men, great deeds, great causes, great wars, etc.ndash;Henry MillerReflexes ndash; AutomationReason and emotion are not antagonists. What seems like a struggle between two opposing ideas or values, one of which, automatic and unconscious, manifests itself in the form of a feeling.ndash;Nathaniel BrandenIt is critical vision alone which can mitigate the unimpeded operation of the automatic.ndash;Marshall McLuhanReflexes ndash; InstinctiveThis instinctive repulsion which tradespeople inspire in men of sensitive feeling is one of the very rare consolations for being so impoverished which are given to those of us who don't sell anything to anybody.ndash;Louis-Ferdinand CelineOur instinctive emotions are those that we have inherited from a much more dangerous world, and contain, therefore, a larger portion of fear than they should.ndash;Bertrand RussellReflexes ndash; InvoluntaryAn involuntary return to the point of departure is, without doubt, the most disturbing of all journeys.ndash;Iain SinclairReflexes ndash; ReflectionAction and faith enslave thought, both of them in order not to be troubled or inconvenienced by reflection, criticism, and doubt.ndash;Henri Freacute;deacute;ric Amiel

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