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Use in Literature RefoldingHe lights a taper to seek among his belongings, and unwinds the coils of his comforter, and we see his emaciated shape, sculptured in black relief, folding and refolding it.ndash;Henri Barbusse in Under Fire.She gave these answers, with her attention apparently absorbed in folding and refolding the frilling on her nightgown.ndash;Wilkie Collins in The Moonstone. Nonfiction Usage Patent UsageChemokine compositions: Patented by Yuling Li, Mark Oelkuct and Reiner L. Gentz on December 8, 1998. Abstract: The present invention relates to processes for the purification of proteins. More specifically, methods for solubilizing and purifying proteins expressed in an insoluble form using low concentrations of chaotropic agents, such as guanidine salts, are provided. Also provided are methods for refolding proteins solubilized according to the present invention.CONTINUOUS METHOD OF REFOLDING PROTEINS: Patented by Parrish M. Galliher on April 1, 1988. Abstract: A process is disclosed for continuously treating a solubilized protein solution containing a protein unfolded to some degree, in a small volume continuous flow reactor, to obtain the protein in a conformation exhibiting the protein's characteristic biological activity by continuously diluting out the solubilizing agent, while continuously withdrawing the refolded protein. The continuous process may be carried out using deionized water as a diluent, rather than buffer solutions.Expression and refolding of truncated recombinant major outer membrane protein antigen (R56) of orientia tsutsugamushi and its use in antibody based detection assays and vaccines: Patented by Wei-Me Ching, Daryl J. Kelly and Gregory A. Dasch on June 4, 2002. Abstract: A recombinant, refolded non-fusion polypeptide expressed from a truncated r56 gene of the causative agent of scrub typhus, Orientia tsutsugamushi. The invention is useful for detecting prior exposure to scrub typhus and as a component in vaccine formulations.Fabric Cleaning Article with Texturing And/or a Tackiness Agent: Patented by Rodney M. Wise and Steven B. Rogers on September 14, 1998. Abstract: Articles designed to clean/refresh soiled fabrics are improved by means of texturing at least one surface and/or by applying tackiness agents. In use, the articles rub against the fabrics, whereupon lint removed from the fabrics is trapped and retained by the tackiness agent. Refolding of the articles during use is substantially minimized by imparting texture to one or more of the article's surfaces.FOLDABLE MEASURING DEVICE: Patented by Joanne K. Leigh on March 1, 1989. Abstract: A measuring device constructed from cellulosic material such as heavy paper or paperboard, metal, or a polymeric material, the material of construction having a predetermined geometric shape with creases segmenting the shaped material to facilitate folding, unfolding and refolding the device, the device being calibrated and useful for measuring particulate materials.Fold-resistant Cleaning Sheet: Patented by Matthew E. Volpenhein and Arman Ebrahimpour on August 17, 2001. Abstract: The present invention relates to cleaning sheets that resist folding, especially refolding upon themselves even after an initial fold has been formed in the sheet.Fusion Protein Containing Additional Cationic Amino Acids and Improvement of Bio-Operation by Using Same: Patented by Dae H. Kweon, Nam S. Han and Chan S. Rha on August 17, 2001. Abstract: A fusion protein having more than two consecutive cationic amino acid residues selected from the group consisting of lysine and arginine in addition to a desired protein is provided, by which the purification, immobilization and refolding efficiencies of the desired protein are enhanced.Groel Muteins with Improved Stability: Patented by Ashley M. Buckle and Alan Fersht on May 26, 2000. Abstract: A GroEL chaperone polypeptide, or homologue thereof, or fragment thereof having protein refolding activity, comprisin

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