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Use in Literature RefundingBefore he went away he inquired whether the draft could be recovered if the amount were refunded.ndash;Honoreacute; de Balzac in The Collection of Antiquities (tr Ellen Marriage).The Cointets demanded that the six thousand francs should be refunded, and the patent surrendered in consideration of the enormous outlay made to no purpose.ndash;Honoreacute; de Balzac in Eve and David.The firm of Denny & Carson announced that the boy's father had refunded the full amount of the theft and that they had no intention of prosecuting.ndash;Willa Cather in The Troll Garden, et al.If without means, he would be anxious to remain; and that settled the question of refunding him his share.ndash;Joseph Conrad in End of the Tether.However it may be with these variations upon the origin of souls, those who supposed them emanating from the Divinity, believed that after the death of the body, which served them for an envelope, they returned, by refunding to their first source.ndash;D'Holbach in System of Nature, vol 1.One of the principal creditors of the marquis was the proprietor of the house in which father and daughter had lived for three years without paying rent, or refunding the small sums he had lent to them.ndash;Louisa Muuml;hlbach in Napoleon And Blucher.I am not wilting, nor do I think it good policy, for the city authorities to collect the taxes belonging to the State and County, as you recommend; for these would have to be refunded.ndash;William Tecumseh Sherman in Memoirs of General William T. Sherman.Our young gentleman treasured up this advice; and though he did not scruple to give the gamester an opportunity of retrieving his loss, when he next day demanded his revenge, he absolutely refused to proceed after he had refunded his winning.ndash;Tobias Smollett in The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle.He saw in a moment that he had gone too far, and killed a willing horse; his face fell; I am sure he would have refunded if he could only have thought of a decent pretext.ndash;Robert Louis Stevenson in An Inland Voyage.The first of these was the chameleon, sworn foe to inspiration, who in scorn devoured large influences of their god, without refunding the smallest blast by eructation.ndash;Jonathan Swift in A Tale of a Tub.

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