Register of Papers Published in The Tasmanian Journal, and the Papers and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania: From the Year 1841 to 1885

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Government Printer, 1887 - Indexes - 58 pages
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Page 50 - Deposits seen around this city (Hobart Town) not being produced by the Aborigines, and the period of their origin being Post Tertiary.
Page 21 - General Observations regarding the Classification of the Upper Palaeozoic and Mesozoic Rocks of Tasmania, together with a full description of all the known Tasmanian Coal Plants, including a considerable number of new species," by RM Johnston, FLS, <fec., &c.
Page 20 - Notes on the Relations of the Yellow Limestone (Travertin), of Geilston Bay, with other Fluviatile and Lacustrine Deposits in Tasmania and Australia, together with Descriptions of two New Fossil Helices.
Page 29 - RM Johnston. Description of a new Fossil Shell from the Eocene Beds, Table Cape, 232.— RM Johnston. Description of a new Species of Crepiduia from the Eocene Beds, Table Cape, 233. — Short. Summary of Observations on Earthquake Phenomena made in Tasmania during 1883 and 1884, 203. Institution of Civil Engineers. Minutes of Proceedings. Vol. Ixxvii. 1884. . . Vol. Ixxviii. 1884. . . Vol. Ixxix. 1885. Knowledge. Nos. 138-165. 1884. . Nos. 166-190. 1885. Lausanne. Societe Vaudoise des Sciences Naturelles....
Page 31 - Description of new species of Mollusca of the Upper Eocene beds at Table Cape. Tasmania Boy. Soc. Proc., 1884, 226-231. Notes on the physical and geological features of the basin of the Lower Murray River.
Page 48 - JOHNSTON, RM, 1879. — Notes on Certain Tertiary and Post-Tertiary Deposits on Flinders, Barren, Badger and other Islands in Bass Strait.
Page 12 - On the relative value of Native Gold, from the different Countries, whence it is brought to Market in these Colonies.
Page 20 - Additions to the list of Table Cape Fossils, together with further .Remarks upon certain Fossil Shells supposed to be identical with living species, 220.
Page 28 - Report on the Geological Relations of some of the Coal seams of Van Diemen's Land, their probable extent, and relative economic value.
Page 50 - Notes of a Critical Examination of the Mollusca of the older Tertiary of Tasmania alleged to have living representatives.

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